Birthday Wishes for Someone you Admire

41 happy birthday wishes found:

I don’t just admire and respect you
because you’re older than me; I have
so much admiration for you because
of who you are.

You really are a very special person.

I hope your birthday today warms
your heart with all the love and
happiness in the world.
May your birthday be as special as you are
I have so much respect for you
Happy birthday to you today, my dearest!

I hope you always know but today more so than ever, that you have a very special place in my heart and you always will do.

So for all of the meaning that you add to my life, I wish you a birthday filled with immense happiness and lasting joy, my dear!
I have heaps of admiration for you
Someone truly wonderful and inspiring
Happy birthday to someone I respect and admire more than any other! I hope that your birthday this year is full of all the wonderful things you deserve!
I hold the utmost admiration for you
A person I will always admire
Today is one full of happiness,
celebration, and joy, as it’s
the anniversary of the day
somebody truly incredible
entered this world: you!

Happy birthday, my dear!
Another year older and you’re more
fabulous than ever, my dear! As you
grow, so does my admiration for you.

I’m sending lots of love and the happiest
birthday wishes your way, to help you
celebrate your special day today.
On your special day this year,
I hope you know exactly how
much I love and admire you.

You mean the absolute world
to me and you always manage
to make each day that little bit
brighter! Happy birthday to you!
You are worthy of more admiration than
the rarest, most precious gem! You are
truly unique and so very special!

Happy birthday to you today!
Happiest of birthdays to you from one of your greatest admirers! You are special to me each and every day, not just once a year on your birthday!
Happy birthday to someone exceptional!

I want you to know, on your special day,
that I truly look up to you and admire so
much about you!

It would be a great honor for anyone to
follow in your footsteps!
Happy birthday to you today!

I have never held as much admiration for a person as I do for you. You truly are an inspirational individual and a blessing in anybody’s life.

I’m wishing you a wonderful day today and many more years of happiness ahead!
Today is a very special day indeed, for it’s the birthday of someone I love and respect very much! Happy birthday to you!

I’m sending my warmest wishes your way, and I hope you have a truly fantastic day!
In my eyes, you are perfect. I hold
you in such high regard and I am
so grateful to have someone like
you around to brighten my days!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you today, my sweetheart! I hope you know, on your special day, that you are more precious to me than a rare and enchanting gem!
I’m sending all my love and wishes for a happy birthday to you today, my dear!

I am so very blessed to have someone as amazing as you in my life. I really do appreciate you more than you’ll ever know!
To a remarkable person
Who I adore and admire
I hope your birthday brings
Everything that you desire!

May your special day this
Year be a magnificent one!

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