Birthday Wishes for Someone you Admire

41 happy birthday wishes found:

If there’s one day of the year in particular where I can express my admiration for you it would be today on your birthday, as someone as sweet and as sincere as you are deserves the very best day by far!

I’m sending you all my love and my most heartfelt birthday wishes today, dear.
In my eyes, you are perfect. I hold
you in such high regard and I am
so grateful to have someone like
you around to brighten my days!

Happy birthday!
For all that you are, 
And all that you do, 
I couldn't think 
More highly of you!

Happy birthday 
To you, my dear!
A very happy birthday to you!

You are a truly remarkable person who has so many wonderful and admirable qualities, all of which you should be proud of!

I hope you have a smashing birthday today, my dear!
On your special day this year,
I hope you know exactly how
much I love and admire you.

You mean the absolute world
to me and you always manage
to make each day that little bit
brighter! Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!

I can’t sing your praises enough or speak
more highly of you, my dear!

I appreciate and respect you for all that
you are, and what you are is a wonderful
person with a heart of pure gold!
To a remarkable person
Who I adore and admire
I hope your birthday brings
Everything that you desire!

May your special day this
Year be a magnificent one!
You aren’t simply someone I appreciate; you are the person I most respect and hold the highest admiration for. May you have the most perfect birthday today.
Happy birthday to a special someone who, in my eyes, is simply magnificent!

I hope your day of celebration today is just as wonderful as you are!
Happy birthday to someone I respect and admire more than any other! I hope that your birthday this year is full of all the wonderful things you deserve!
You are worthy of more admiration than
the rarest, most precious gem! You are
truly unique and so very special!

Happy birthday to you today!
Happy birthday!

I look up to you with admiration not simply because you’re older than me, but because of the kind-hearted person you are and everything you stand for.
Happy birthday to you, my dear! You know that you’re somebody I idolize and can’t speak more highly of, so your birthday is just another perfect opportunity for me to recognize one more wonderful year full of your remarkable achievements!
Happy birthday to you, my dear! With
each passing year, you just seem to
become better than ever before!

With that in mind, on this joyous
occasion that is your birthday, it
feels like the perfect time for me
to show my appreciation for you!

You truly are a blessing in my life
and a pure delight to be around!
Happiest of birthdays to you, my dear! I may well put you on a pedestal and look up to you greatly, but that’s only because it’s where you belong!