Happy Birthday Mom

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Happy birthday to my brother from another mother! Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure your mom prefers me anyway!
My sis from another miss
Wishes for my best friend and brother
A lifetime of gal pals couldn’t compare to the wonderful friend that you are! You are more like a sister to me, just from another mother! Happy birthday!
You’ll always be a true bro at heart
You’re a sister to me all the same
Losing you is something 
Time simply cannot heal
Nor are there the words
For how heartbroken I feel.

You’ll never be forgotten
Of that, I can be sure
Because my love for you
Will last forevermore.

Wishing you a happy birthday
In heaven, my dear mother.
Brothers at heart are never really apart
Birthday wishes for my bro from another mother
Happy birthday, man! 

You’re one of my all-time best friends
and I’m wishing you the very best as
you celebrate another year of your life!

I hope you have an awesome day!

Love from your brother from another
mother (and father)!
Everyone deserves
An aunty like you
Who is so much
More like a mother
Through and through!

Happy birthday to you!
You are as close to me as a sister
I was blessed with the greatest mother ever
Today is your birthday, but I’m
the lucky one to have a brother
from another mother in you.

Enjoy your special day, man.
A mom in heaven is a constant guiding light
My lovely sis from another miss
Happy birthday to my true soul sister, my dear gal pal for life.

The fact that you came into this world from another mother is the one and only thing that sets us apart from biological siblings, and you’ll always be able to quote me on that.
Happy birthday to my sister-like friend and bosom pal! The only way we could be more like sisters is if we had actually been born by the same mother!
Happy birthday, mom! So glad I can celebrate this special day with you, and seeing you ever so beautiful and healthy makes my heart smile.

Thank you for being such a good mother to me, and also for being a friend I can always count on. I love you with endless devotion, and I wish you a happy life, lots of joy and nice surprises!
Happy birthday and best wishes to my
all-time best friend who once upon a
time was just a friend, but is now a
true brother.

The only difference between you and
any other brother is that you simply
come from a different mother.
You’ve been a wonderful sister to
me for years and now you’ve been
promoted to an aunt. I know how
much my little one adores you and 
sees you as a mother-figure, which
doesn’t surprise me since my heart
has always told me that it would
never be any other way.

Happy birthday, I hope you enjoy
your special day.
Happy birthday to someone who isn’t technically my brother, but in reality couldn’t be closer to one!

Sure, we don’t share the same mother and father but that little detail doesn’t matter when our bond is as strong as it is!
From one sister to another
Albeit from a different mother
I’m wishing you a special day
And hoping it all goes your way!

Happy birthday!
Sure, we don’t have the same mother
but I still consider you to be my brother!

We’re about as close as any two guys
can get and for that, my friend, you’ll
always be more like family to me.

Happy birthday to you!
We may not share the same mother,
but within us deep at heart, you will
always be my true sister.

I’m wishing you the loveliest birthday
today, my dear!

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