Happy Birthday Mom in Heaven

Were found 36 happy birthday messages:

I’m sending all my kisses 
To heaven today
To greet you in 
The most pleasant way.

For today is your birthday 
I’ll never forget
As you’re the most incredible mom 
Anyone could get.

Love and miss you always
My dear, lovely mother.
Happy birthday, mommy.

Just how very much I miss you is beyond comprehension, there are no words sufficient enough to describe the gap you left when you went to heaven.
Whenever I look up at the night sky full
of stars, I see the brightest one shining
back at me and I know you’re at peace.

Happy birthday, mom.
Today is a day for celebration as it marks what would have been another birthday for my dear mom.

You touched lots of hearts in your time on earth, and you continue to be loved by many. You’ll never be forgotten, mom.
All throughout your life you were a saint so I am sure that you have settled into heaven perfectly and peacefully.

Sending all my love and best wishes up there to you today on your special day. Happy birthday, my lovely mother.
I wish you were still here to
celebrate your birthday with
us, my dear mother, but as
you went to heaven to become
one of the angels, we’ll have
to celebrate in your honour
down here.

Sending you my whole heart
full of love today.
A mother in heaven is a constant guiding light. You’re the guardian angel I know is looking over me from above. Sending all my love to you on your birthday, mom.
Happy birthday to my sweet mother in heaven, who will forever be my guardian angel. May you continue to sleep well amongst the angels.
Happy birthday to my dear mother, who now peacefully and graciously watches over us from the heavens above.

When you were still here on earth you loved me unconditionally, and you can be sure that I, your loving daughter, will always love you back just the same.

Miss you always, ma.
I think about you and send my love up to heaven each and every day, but just that little bit more on your birthday. Happy birthday from your doting daughter.
Never forgotten and forever in our hearts, today we celebrate your birthday without you down here on earth. Wishing you love and peace in heaven, lovely lady.
As we celebrate your birthday today, I’m
wishing you eternal peace and hoping that
your soul remains content evermore.

With love from your daughter, mom.
Happy birthday, my dear sweet mama.

When you were on earth you did a great job of showing me the way.

I am so grateful to have had you as my mother and those lessons you taught me will remain with me forever.

Love you for all eternity.
Happy birthday to the most magnificent woman ever to have lived.

I know that you’re lovingly watching over us all now, mom.
When the angels came to whisk you off to heaven, they took away a gigantic part of my heart, too. That part of my heart will forever remain with you, mom.

Happy birthday today, lovely lady. I love and miss you always.