Birthday Wishes for a Coworker That Will Stand Out

37 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday, my friend!

I’m going to make sure that your special day is extra fun today by having a little celebration for you on our lunch break!

I just want your birthday to be filled with precious moments that make it a memorable one!

All the best to you today!
It’s a pleasure and an honour to be a part of your work team!

Many happy returns and I hope you enjoy your special day today!
I’m so glad that it’s your special day
today as you bring the best cake to
work on your birthday!

You need to give me the recipe so I
can have it more than once a year!

Many happy returns to you today,
work buddy!
I’m so glad that I found someone as
bonkers as I am to help get me through
those long and boring workdays!

Happy birthday, my friend!
I’m sending my warmest birthday wishes to you today, my esteemed colleague!

Thank you for making each working day that much brighter and livelier! A day at work is never dull when you’re around!

Enjoy your special day and all the very best to you!
Happy birthday to my work buddy!

Just a quick note to wish you a fantastic birthday today! I hope everything you’ve been wishing for comes true and I wish you a really successful year ahead!

All my best to you on your special day!
Happy birthday to you today, my dear friend! I can’t think of anything better than being able to work alongside your best bud, day in and day out!

We’re certainly pretty lucky, that’s for sure!

Wishing you all the best today on your special day!
Happy birthday to you!

Today you’re going to have the pleasure of your coworkers coming up to you and trying to guess how old you are!

If that doesn’t sound like fun I don’t know what does!

Enjoy your special day!
Happy birthday to a dear friend of mine who I also have the luxury of working with! Thank you, sincerely, for making each working day a delight!

I’m looking forward to celebrating and sharing a slice of cake with you later on!

All the best, my friend!
There is no getting away from it, but working here has aged you, my friend! Never mind, I guess you can’t be too far off retirement now anyway!

I’m just messing with you... you’ll be working here forever!

All the best, pal!
There are fantastic coworkers who are a joy to work with and will go out of their way to support their peers and help their colleagues, and then there’s you!

Just kidding, my friend! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Turn on your out-of-office
Divert all of your calls
For today is a special one 
Because it’s all about you! 

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday! I want you to know that I rate you highly and it just wouldn’t be the same work environment without you around here!

You bring a certain touch to the workplace that I just can’t explain!

All the best to you today!
Happy birthday, my dear colleague! It’s an absolute certainty that a workday with cake is always better than one without!

So, I just wanted to thank you for having your birthday today and allowing us to share your special day with you!

All the best!
Today is your special day, my friend! Happy birthday to you!

The only thing that makes a workday better is a workday spent with a friend!

Thank you for bringing a bit of light to my day and for keeping me sane while working here!

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