Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend That Will Make His Heart Leap

We had a lot of fun together and there’s no doubt that you are boyfriend material, but I guess we just weren’t meant to be!

I’m glad that I can still wish you a happy birthday as a great friend, though!
This distance will soon be a thing of the past
Birthday wishes for my handsome lover
Any boyfriend can be the person you share fun experiences with, but the perfect boyfriend should also be the most loyal person in your life with whom you can share everything from concerns to secrets, and always count on no matter what.

I’m truly lucky to have found all of that in you and even more. I’m wishing you the most incredible birthday today, my dear.
These miles are no match for our love
We’re a match made in heaven, my love
Happy birthday to my beautiful boyfriend who is everything I’ve ever wanted in a boyfriend and more! You’re definitely extra and something very special and unique, my love!
You’ll always be close to my heart
I'm with you in spirit
Happy birthday, love!

On your birthday this year, you can have anything you wish for. But really what more could you want when you already have a girlfriend like me!
Happy birthday, honey! I’ve got the fire department on standby this year on account of the fire hazard that is your birthday cake!
Every moment spent with you is bliss
You're always close to my heart, my love
I wanted to write you a funny birthday message but we both know you’re the witty one. Just like how we both know I’m the more beautiful one!
Carry my love with you always, boyfriend
We share the same weird personality
Happy birthday, my one true love.

There are not enough words nor are there any sentiments long or strong enough to convey the message of just what a huge and meaningful part of my life you are. I can’t fully express the immense love that my heart holds for you.
My love, congratulations on another spectacular year in your life and thank you for making it a great year in mine, too. I am so pleased that I was able to be a part of it and share it with you. You make me the happiest girl on the planet.

I’m sending you lots of birthday love and the best, most heartfelt wishes from my heart to yours on your special day today.
Happy birthday to the best boyfriend
in the whole entire world! May your
special day fill your heart with love.

Here’s to many more years of making
each other happy, making memories
together, and making the very best of
life each and every day. I feel so lucky
that I get to share all of that with you.
Happy birthday, my lovely boyfriend!

I’m sorry that I haven’t got a gift for you
this year, but let’s be honest, just being
able to see my beautiful face every day
is the best gift in itself!

You’re welcome, my love!
Happy birthday to the one I care about more than any other: my best friend and wonderful boyfriend. These birthday wishes carry a special message with more meaning than ever, as every word truly comes from deep within my heart.

You are the one for me and I knew that right from the very start, and since then I only love you more and more each day. Even when it doesn’t feel possible to hold any more love for you in my heart, I always manage to find a way. 
Happy birthday, my one true love.

I hope you know that you are so much more to me than just my boyfriend; you are my best friend and my lover. You truly mean everything to me and wherever I go, I carry you with me always, deep inside my heart.
May your birthday cake this year be as sweet as you are a boyfriend, and may your candles burn as brightly as you do in my heart!
Happy birthday to my boyfriend who
I miss dearly and wish was right here
beside me. I’m anxiously awaiting for
the day that this distance finally
becomes a thing of the past!

I am in serious need of some of your
big warm hugs and gentle kisses on
my forehead. 

Wishing you a lovely birthday, my love.
We’ll celebrate in person before you
know it!
On your special day today, my love, I want you to know exactly how much you mean to me.

You are such a special man to me and a truly incredible boyfriend. You are my rock, my happiness, and my whole entire world. As long as my heart beats, it beats with love for you.

Happy birthday, my one true love.

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