40+ Birthday Puns and Jokes

43 happy birthday wishes found:

I’m sending a whole latte love to the coffee lover in my life as they celebrate their birthday today!
Happy birthday to a very nutty friend of mine
Cheesy birthday wishes for my girlfriend
I’ll do everything I can to try and make
sure your birthday is breezy, my friend.

After all, I am your biggest fan!
Happy birthday, crazy cat
You’re as sweet as honey, my friend
It’s your day so go ahead and indulge a little!

Just don’t eat too much cake or else you’ll end up at the dentist. You know the drill by now!
I’m sure your birthday will be
a gouda one, but it can easily
be made grate simply by
having some delicious
cheesecake to go around!
I’m praying that you'll be having a
pizza party for your birthday, my friend!

You know that I’ll take a slice and
share a pizza the action if it is!
Today’s your birthday? That’s nuts!

I simply won’t accept it. I can nut
and walnut believe that you’re turning
another year older already, my friend!
Happy birthday to you!

I’m wishing you an egg-cellent day that’s funny, on the sunny side, and full of yolks that crack you up!
I know it’s corny, but I hope you have an a-maize-ing birthday today!
You’re not as young as you once were!

Instead of cash, I thought I’d give you a
reality check on your birthday this year!
I’m absolutely buzzing to wish you a happy bee-day today, honey!

I hope you have an un-bee-lievable day!
Getting older is just life’s way of handing you lemons, so don’t be all sour and bitter about it! Instead, just squeeze the day!
Your birthday has come around again, so it’s time to wish you a happy birthday once s’more! May your special day be sweet, fluffy, and totally crackers!
Celebrating so many birthdays can start to take its toll after a while… I guess you could say that getting older is no piece of cake!
Sweet as strawberries
And jam-packed full of fun
I hope this birthday of yours
Is an ex-straw-dinary one!
I hope your birthday this year doesn’t
blow, my friend, apart from when you
have to put out your candles, of course!