50th Birthday Wishes

Were found 22 happy birthday messages:

You are fifty today and little has changed. Maybe a few grey hairs and some wrinkles, but you are young at heart. Your youthfulness and good humour are contagious. Never stop being the great person that you are.

Have a glorious and amazing birthday!
Fifty is not old, it’s vintage. If anything, you are a collector’s dream, still in mint condition. Have an epic birthday!
You are fifty years young today! I don’t even believe this is your real age. Have the greatest of birthdays!
Fifty years and what a great legacy! A successful career and a lifetime of achievements.

You have it all: a great spouse that still loves you after all these years, kids who have since grown up and started their own professional projects and families, grandchildren who adore you and think you are the best and a career filled with only great moments.

To the one who has it all, I can only wish for more great years to come!
Happy 50th birthday! You have lived fifty great years and you should be proud. You have been to so many beautiful places and achieved so many great things. You made friends by the hundreds; they all cherish you so much. You have loved and been loved.

There have been some hardships and troubles on the way, but you have always managed to overcome them with such an inspiring grace. There have been some lows and downs, but you always found your way back and rose above everything.

So just sit back and enjoy all the great things around you! You have earned it.
You don’t look your age,
Not even for a second.
Just another turn of page
that is the great lesson.

You look so fit,
so fabulous, so young.
I must even admit
you look even more handsome.

If you look like this
Having just turned fifty,
Imagine what a bliss
It will be when you are sixty.

May you have a fantastic day and many more to come!
Being fifty does not mean you are old, you are only mature. And being mature is being at your very best. The more mature you become, the wiser you are and others start to really pay attention.

Have a great birthday!
Happy 50th birthday! Most become decrepit while growing old, but somehow you managed to become wiser and more handsome over the years. You must share your secret.

I hope you have the greatest of days and share it with your loved ones!
At fifty you are not wise. But the slowing down and all the sitting down creates this illusion of great knowledge. Have an awesome birthday!
Happy 50th birthday! I know your memory is starting to play tricks on you, so I will send you this message again later.
The big 5-0! If life was a football match, you would be killing it. Hope you keep scoring many goals! Have a fantastic birthday!
You are halfway to hundred. Well done! Just a little push and you will get there. Have a fabulous birthday!
Age is but a number, so don’t let it define who you are. Just use all the experience you gathered to your advantage. May you have a fantastic day!
If 50 is the new 30 and you feel 10 years younger, it means that you are 20.

So, instead of celebrating all of your life’s achievements, I’m just going to say that you still have all of your life ahead of you and that you are destined for even greater things, kid.

I hope you have a fantastic day and a fantastic year to come!
May you live another-half-century as wonderfully as you lived your first. I wish you all the best on your special day!