Happy 29th Birthday

30 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy 29th birthday to me!

That’s right, today I begin the final year
of my twenties and the countdown to
my thirties also starts now!

I’m very blessed that I have such a
wonderful bunch of people in my life
to share this exciting chapter with!
Your thirties are fast approaching
Happy birthday to you, my friend! Here’s to the first of many 29th birthdays for you!

Don’t worry, your secret will always be safe with me! Besides, it’s not like you’ll be the first person in history to tell a little white lie about their age!
Happy birthday to somebody who is genuinely turning 29 for the first time and not some thirtysomething celebrating their 29th birthday for the umpteenth time! 

I hope your celebrations today as you turn 29 are marvellous and simply sublime!
A very special person is celebrating
a very special anniversary today:
it’s your 29th birthday!

I hope that all of your most loved
ones can be there with you today
to celebrate this joyous occasion!

I’m wishing you a very happy and
memorable birthday, my dear!
I’m extending my very best wishes to you and yours as you celebrate your 29th birthday today!

May you have a joy-filled year ahead!
It’s your 29th birthday again? How
many times can one person turn 29!

I’m just joking with you, my friend! I
hope you have a blast on this very
special birthday of yours!

Sending all my very best to you today!
It’s funny that you say it’s your 29th
birthday today because I was almost
certain that one had already been!

In any event, happy birthday to you!
Today’s your birthday
You’re turning 29
It’s just one more year
That you continue to shine!

Many happy returns to you!
Your twenties may almost be over, but from next year you have your thirties to look forward to instead! I hope that it’s the best decade of your life to date!

Sending lots of love and good wishes to you on your 29th birthday today!
Your 29th birthday is just the warm-up
for the big one next year, to prepare
you for the huge celebrations that await!

I hope you have a year filled with
happiness in the run-up to your very
exciting upcoming milestone!
Most birthdays come around
just once, except for your 29th!

You’ll notice in the years to come
that every now and then you’ll be
recelebrating your 29th birthday
again and again!

I hope that they’re all as
wonderful for you as this one is!
29 today, which means that this very
special golden birthday of yours marks
the last year of your twenties!

I hope you enjoy it to the very fullest
and give this great decade the
wonderful send-off it deserves!

Happy birthday to you!
I can’t believe you’re turning 29 already!
How time flies, I guess!

I’m sending my best birthday wishes to
you and I hope you enjoy your special
day, my dear!
Happy birthday to me!

Today I turn 29 and I’ve never been
more grateful for all the wonderful
people I have in my life!

My love to you all!
For 29 years, you have been blessing our lives and filling our hearts with joy!

Let’s hope that the next 29 years are just as incredible! Happy birthday to you!

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