Happy 29th Birthday

Were found 30 happy birthday messages:

29 years young! Happy birthday to you!

I hope that this year is just as great as all the other years that have preceded it!
For 29 years, you have been blessing our lives and filling our hearts with joy!

Let’s hope that the next 29 years are just as incredible! Happy birthday to you!
Today you turn 29 and you continue
to become more divine!

I’m wishing you a birthday that’s as
marvellous as you are, my dear!
Today we are celebrating the 29 glorious
years that you have been on this earth for!

You’ve touched many hearts during that
time, especially mine!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you, my friend! It’s true that now more than ever, you are in the prime of your life!

Enjoy this magnificent birthday of yours and this wonderful chapter in your life! I hope you achieve everything that your heart desires!
As the next decade of your life approaches, I hope you take a moment to remember all of the wonderful things you did in this one! Happy birthday to you!
Today you turn twenty-nine but don’t
freak out; you’ll be just fine!

I know the thought of turning thirty next
year can be daunting, but you’ll have so
much to look forward to throughout the
fresh decade that awaits!

Happy birthday and enjoy what’s left of
your twenties!
You emerged into this world 29 years
ago today and ever since then you’ve
been making it a better place!

Happy birthday to you!
Don’t panic, you’re only turning 29!

The real worry shouldn’t set in for
another ten years, that’s when the
alarm bells will really start going off!

So, just relax and enjoy this birthday
while you’re still young and carefree!

Happy birthday!
Just one more year until the big one, my friend! Your thirties are within reach now, and I just want to wish you all the very best in the run-up to them!

Take this year to relax a little, as I’m sure you’re going to do many magnificent things during the decade ahead!

Wishing you a very happy birthday today!
Today I am turning the tender age of 29! Lucky me!

Here’s to my final year of still being considered young!
I can’t believe you’re only a year away from 30! Perhaps it’s finally time to start growing up, my friend!

I’m just kidding with you! I hope you stay forever young!

All the best to you and I’m wishing you an amazing birthday as always!
Happy birthday to you!

I’m sending my very best wishes your way as you turn 29 today, my dear friend!

I hope you have many wonderful experiences and make some incredible memories in your final year of being a twenty-something!
Happy birthday to you! Judging by how wonderfully you spent your twenties, I have no doubt that your thirties will be incredible too!
Happy birthday! 29 might be an odd
number, but it’s also a unique one!

You’re a year away from 30 and I’m
sure you’ll achieve many great things
before then!