21st Birthday Quotes and Wishes

107 happy birthday wishes found:

May your adult years commence!

You’re truly an adult from today, but with all of your new responsibilities come many opportunities and exciting experiences!

Wishing you a very happy birthday and I hope that you enjoy all of the fantastic years ahead of you, my friend!
Isn’t it funny and ironic how for years you
wanted to appear older than you really are
but now that you’ve finally turned 21, from
now on the only fake ID you’ll ever want is
one to make you appear younger!

Happy birthday to you!
21 years of light and joy is what you’ve
brought to me, my precious daughter.
Here’s to you and a bright future ahead.

Cheers, and a very happy birthday.
Turning 21 is a beautiful time in any girl’s life, and I hope you truly treasure this special moment in yours, my dear. Many congratulations to you today.
Twenty-one here you come, girl! I’m sending you my very best wishes and all the love in the world as you celebrate this very special milestone in your life!

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