Happy 20th Birthday

41 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday to my kid who turns 20 today!

It seems surreal that you’re a little adult now and even though you’re growing up, in my heart you will always be that same sweet kid that I raised!

Enjoy your day and lots of love from mom!
A little bird told me that you’re turning 20 today! Congratulations!

I hope this very special birthday of yours is everything you hoped it would be!
This year finally sees you on the homestretch to adulthood, my friend, so I’m wishing you a particularly happy birthday today!

I hope you enjoy the first year of your twenties and also the last year before becoming a proper adult!
Today is the beginning of the rest of your
life, for you are entering a new chapter
of your life as you turn 20-years-old!

I’m wishing you all the very best, great
success, and much happiness as you
go on your journey! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to the newest 20-year-old!

This decade is set to be one of the best of your life, I’m sure of it! So, I hope you enjoy it and I’m wishing you every happiness for each year that you’re a twenty-something!
Your first 20 years of life have been incredible so here’s hoping that the next 20 are just as amazing, if not more so! Happy birthday to you today!
20 is the age everyone can’t wait to be, and afterward forever wish they still were! Enjoy this very special age and treasure it for as long as you can!

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