1st Birthday Wishes

Were found 43 happy birthday messages:

Your very first trip around the sun and 1st birthday on this planet must be celebrated for the special occasion and incredible milestone that it is!

I’m sending you lots of love on your special day and wishing you a lifetime of happiness ahead!
Today, I’m sending out the sweetest 1st birthday wishes to the sweetest and most adorable baby girl! May your first birthday fill your tiny heart with joy, princess. 
Today, I have only the deepest and most
heartfelt birthday wishes for a little one
who has already touched many hearts
and made such an impact on the world
in just one short year. You truly are a
blessing and a godsend, my dear.

Happy 1st birthday and huge
congratulations to the parents of such
a beautiful and heart-touching baby. 
Today is a very special and momentous
day in your life since you are turning 1,
sweet baby.

You might be too little to remember this
day, but it will forever remain one of the
most heartfelt and touching days in my
heart. Happy 1st birthday, little one.
On this very special day, I have
only the warmest and most beautiful
birthday greetings for a super cute
and adorable baby girl.

For the pure joy that you bring to
my heart, a special girl like you
deserves not only the happiest
and most wonderful 1st birthday
but joy and happiness should
follow you every day.

Happy 1st birthday, little princess.
Happy 1st birthday, little one.

May your very first birthday
Fill you with giggles and smiles
May it warm your tiny heart
For the true blessing you are.
There are lots of firsts in a little one’s early years such as baby’s first words and baby’s first steps, and these first birthday wishes are just another one of them!

Happy 1st birthday, little one!
One year ago today I was blessed with
the arrival of the most beautiful baby boy.
I adore you with all my heart, son.

Happy 1st birthday from mom.
Today marks one whole year that you’ve been warming our hearts and filling them with joy. Here’s to many more years of you doing just that.

I’m sending the happiest and most heartfelt 1st birthday wishes your way, cute baby.
A beautiful baby boy came into the
world exactly one year ago today!

Happy 1st birthday, adorable one!
Today is your 1st birthday
You’re the star of the show
But each and every day
You’re the star of our hearts.

Happy 1st birthday, baby boy.
Happy 1st birthday, little one.

You truly are the sweetest gift
and greatest blessing from above.
Happy birthday, little one!

You’ve had only 1 birthday so far but there are still many more to go! You have so much ahead of you!

For now, though, just enjoy your 1st birthday!

Today, you turn 1 and my heart couldn’t
be more full of love than it is today. You
have given us 12 months of pure joy,
endless happiness, and constant love.

Words cannot even begin to explain how
incredibly blessed we are to have a
special little miracle like you in our lives.

Happy 1st birthday from mom and dad,
our sweetheart.
A very special birthday
Is getting underway
For a very special girl
Is turning 1 today!

Happy 1st birthday,
Baby girl!