130 Sweet and Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife

They say that a man is only as good
as the woman he’s married to, which
I guess is why I’m so spectacular!
It’s all thanks to you, my love!

Happy birthday, my lovely wife!
Home is where your wife is
To my loving and beautiful wife
To my dear wife on your birthday, I’m sending you birthday wishes filled with love and joy. You deserve a birthday that celebrates you for the truly wonderful woman that you are.
Happy birthday to my darling wife
My gorgeous wife, always more beautiful
Happy birthday to my beautiful wife!

We are the best team, a partnership
like no other with the strongest alliance.
You are always there for me,
and I'm always there for you.

The best part of my day is waking
up beside you each morning.
You are my everything and I just
want you to know how much I
appreciate and value you, for
everything that you do for us.

Have a wonderful day, my love!
The woman who made my life whole
You gave me everything, my dear wife
Happy birthday, my lovely wife!

May you enjoy your special day where all of the attention is on you! Although, if we’re being honest you shine in the spotlight each and every day!
Never in my life did I think it would be possible to find a friend so great, especially not one who would go on to become my wife. Thank you for being the greatest friend, life partner, and lover a guy could wish for. 💐
Your love is safe with me, my dear wife
I’m blessed to share my life with you, wife
Happy birthday to my wife
My one true love
What did I do to deserve you
You truly are a gift from above. 

Sending you lots of birthday love. 
Each day I fall in love with you all over again
Happy birthday to my dear wife, so sweet and funny. Your love makes every day of my life so warm and sunny! 😎
My dear wife,

These birthday wishes
Are filled with love
They are just for you
And for you alone
You’re the one for who
My heart beats with love
You truly are my angel
Sent from heaven above
So I promise to you that
While you’re by my side
I will always do my best
To keep you satisfied. 

Happy birthday, my love. 
Today, I have only the very best
birthday wishes for you, my wife,
with love from your husband.
Happy birthday, my lovely wife!

I’m so lucky to have found possibly
the only woman in the world who
shares the same sense of humor
as I do! We may not be very funny,
but at least we can be not very
funny together!
I truly won the jackpot
With a wife like you
Who has so much beauty
And is super smart, too!

Your beauty and your brains
Are both mesmerizing, dear!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, my sweet wife!

I have a secret for you… I have a special
smile which I save only for you! You
make me smile and laugh like no other!
You aren’t just the centre of my world, you’re my whole entire universe. Happy birthday with love, my darling wife.
Wishing my wonderful wife a happy birthday on her least favorite day of the year, the day she turns another year older!
Today is your day and I'll do everything in my power to make sure it's a happy one for you, my dear wife. Sending you birthday wishes full of love.

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