Sweet 16 Birthday Wishes

Were found 34 happy birthday messages:

I can’t believe that this sweet little thing is
turning sixteen already!

It feels like only yesterday you were saying
your first words and learning to walk!
How time flies, but you are growing up to
be such a smart, beautiful young lady!

Everyone is so proud of the woman you
are becoming and you should be proud
of yourself too!

Have an absolutely fabulous sweet
sixteenth birthday, my dear!
Happy sweet 16th birthday
Celebrating your sweet 16
Happy birthday, my sweet girl!

Your sixteenth birthday is such a big deal and it’s all about celebrating you, but you already know that since you’ve been planning this big blowout party for a while now! I’m sure it’s going to be incredible!

I hope you have a super sweet 16th birthday and that all of your hopes and wishes come true for you today!
Today I am wishing the very happiest sweet sixteenth birthday to a teen fast approaching adulthood!

You’re really blossoming and growing up to be such a unique, interesting and one-of-a-kind person!

Enjoy your last couple of youthful years! Happy 16th birthday!
Happy sweet sixteenth!

Wishing you the dream 16th birthday that you deserve, my dear!
Wishing you the very best
16th birthday today!

It’s such an exciting time in
your life, where you are almost
within reach of the beginning of
your adult years and able to
embark on all of the exciting
adventures that soon await you!

Live each and every moment to
the fullest, so that one day, you
can look back on your younger
years and reminisce about all of
the amazing memories you made!

Happy birthday, dear!
A very happy 16th birthday to you!

This is probably the first crucial turning
point in your life, where you become
less child and more adult!

Wishing you a future filled with success
on your very memorable sweet sixteenth
birthday, my dear! 
Finally! Happy 16th birthday!

Wear your sash with pride today,
for you are the birthday queen!
You’ve been waiting for this
birthday for what feels like forever,
and now it’s finally here!

So, let us celebrate and make
sure this is a day to remember!
Congratulations on reaching this
very special milestone!

Big hugs and kisses for you on
your sweet sixteenth!
Happy sweet sixteenth birthday to
the prettiest princess in the world!

You are transforming from the lovely
little girl we all know and love, to a
beautiful woman with the world at
your feet!

I hope that your special day brings
you happy moments that you’ll
cherish and remember for many
years to come!

Happy 16th birthday, my dear!
Your sweet 16 marks the exciting period
of your life where you’re embarking on
your coming of age, that transition from
child to adult through your teenage years!

It’ll pass you in a flash, so make sure
to stop and enjoy this special time!

Perhaps more importantly, make sure
to enjoy a day filled with great
moments, great music and lots of
laughter, surrounded by your most
loved friends and family!

Happy birthday on your very special
sweet 16th!
Happy sweet sixteenth, my dear!

I can’t believe you’re almost a grown
up! You should be so very proud of
yourself for all that you’ve achieved
in your short life so far!

You are maturing so wonderfully and
it’s truly a joy to watch! It’s as though
you’ve gone from a sweet girl to a
beautiful woman overnight!

I wish you a very happy and
memorable 16th birthday bash!
Happy sweet sixteen
to a beautiful little lady!

May all of your wishes
come true today!
I wanted to wish you a sweet sixteenth birthday, but you’re already sweet enough!

Happy 16th birthday, girl!
Happy birthday! I hope you have a ball on your very special sweet 16th birthday!
Today is a very big deal,
for 16 years you have
been enriching our lives
and for 16 years you have
been dearly loved!

So let’s celebrate you on
your very special day,
enjoy your birthday and
let the good times play!

Happy 16th birthday!
Happy 16th birthday, my sweet!

Today marks a very special day in your
life; the day you go from being a beautiful
girl into a beautiful woman!

I wish only great success and eternal
happiness for you, my dear!

It has been such a joy to watch you
blossom so beautifully, and I have no
doubt that you’ll continue to do so!

Big kisses for you today!