Birthday Wishes for a Special Girl

74 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday to a truly unique,
one of a kind gal!

You never fail to surprise me and
you continue to be one of the most
impressive people I know!
It’s not just anyone’s birthday today, it
actually happens to be the birthday of one
of the most special girls in the world!

I’m sending you big birthday wishes and
hoping that your day is full of happiness,
joy, and laughter, my dear!
Happy birthday to the sweetest girl I know. Each year that you grow, so does the pride I have in my heart for you. 
You are the most special girl in my life. The bond we share is uncanny; you know my thoughts even before I have them.

You are amazing, a force of nature. You know where you are going and how you are going to get there and no one can stop you.

Happy birthday and may all your wishes come true!
Happy 10th birthday to a very special girl!

May this very important day that sees you
turn double-digits be filled with glitter and
all things beautiful!
For a special girl like you 
Who is turning twenty-one
I hope your big day
Is overloaded with fun!

Many congratulations
To you today, my dear!
A very special birthday
Is getting underway
For a very special girl
Is turning 1 today!

Happy 1st birthday,
Baby girl!
Today, I’m sending the happiest
birthday wishes to a very special girl!

May your day be filled with many
moments that are as fabulous and
as wonderful as you are!
My gift to you this year 
Reminds me a lot of you
As it’s special, precious
And so incredibly dear.
It’s something unique
Something money can’t buy
A love letter or a poem
Drawn from my mind’s eye.
So from deep within my heart,
I’m sending you lots of
Sentimental wishes today
Filled with happy thoughts
To celebrate your special day.

Happy birthday to you, sweetie.
The birthday girl is celebrating her very
special 20th birthday today! May it be as
truly extraordinary as you are, my dear!
Happy 12th birthday to
a very special little lady!

May this special day of
yours be filled with lots
of delicious cake and big
balloons, all covered with
glitter that twinkles and
sparkles the same way
that you do in my heart!
I never knew that someone could
brighten my life as much as you do.
You truly are very special to me. 💖
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday to my absolute fav.

Nothing touches my heart more or makes me quite as emotional as when I think about our friendship, my dear best friend. What we have is something truly special and I cherish it with my whole entire heart. In my eyes, you are like a sister to me.

I hope you enjoy your special day, my sweet friend and glamorous girl.

Today, the birthday princess turns 8!

You truly are a very special girl and
remember that it’s all about you today!

I’m wishing you the most beautiful day
filled with all the joy and happiness
your heart can hold! Happy birthday!
Happy 10th birthday to you, my darling daughter! Seeing how beautifully you’ve grown up over this past decade fills me with so much pride and joy.

You truly are a very special girl, and I have absolutely no doubt that you’ll continue to warm my heart with love and make me even prouder over the years to come too!