Happy Birthday Son From Mom

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Happy birthday to you today
My pride and joy, my son.

However old you become
However big you grow
My heart will always belong to you
That I want you to always know.

I’m sending you all the love a
Father could have, my boy.
We may not share the same
genetics, but you are my son
and I love you so very dearly!

Happy birthday, stepson!
Happy birthday to my wonderful stepson!

I’ve raised you since you were young,
and to me, you’ll always be my son.

I’m lucky enough to have known you for
most of your life, and it has been such a
joy and a privilege to watch you grow up. 

I hope you have an incredible birthday
today, and wishing you the best always!
Happy birthday to my dear stepson!

I hope I have lived up to my promise,
to be the best stepparent to you that
I could possibly be.

I love you so dearly, exactly as if you
were my own flesh and blood. To me,
you are my son, no question about it.

Have an amazing birthday and a
lovely year ahead, son!

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