Birthday Wishes for Roommate

Were found 68 happy birthday messages:

We started our journey together as great friends but after living together for some time, you’re much more like family to me now. I don’t even want to imagine a time where we might be living apart.

I’m wishing you a fab birthday today, my dearest friend.
I’m sure you’ll receive many wonderful gifts today, but really what better gift is there than being able to see my beautiful face whenever you want!

Happy birthday, roomie.
A heart touching and special friend like
you truly is the best gift in the world.

Being lucky enough to live with you
is just an added bonus.

Happy birthday.
Happy birthday to my dear flatmate!

I hope your birthday is as lovely as you are, my dear!
For all that you do
I want to wish you
A fantastic birthday
And a great year, too!

Enjoy your day, roomie!
Happy birthday, my bestie and my roomie!

I am so lucky that not only do I get to see
my best friend as often as I want, we also
have the added bonus of being able to live
together too! I wouldn’t choose anyone
else to be with 24/7, either!

I hope you enjoy your special day, my
dear friend!
For me, I couldn’t imagine anyone better to share a home with, and I just want to thank you for being such a fantastic companion and flatmate!

Wishing you all the happiness in the world on your special day today!

Happy birthday to you!
As roommates come, they simply don’t get any better than you!

We share similar interests which probably helps, but I can’t imagine anyone better to share a space with!

Wishing you the happiest birthday today and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being such an easy person to get along and live with! All the best!
Happy birthday, roomie! I hope you enjoy a very special birthday breakfast in bed! You deserve it, my dear!
Happy birthday to one of my dearest!

Some friends are close, but you can’t get much closer than those friends who live with each other!

You bring me an immense amount of joy and I am so lucky to live with my bestie, always having you close at hand! You’re constantly there when I need you!

Enjoy your special day today, my dear!
Happy birthday, roomie!

I can’t tell you just how much I love having you live with me! The day you moved in changed my life for the better!

I hope you have a truly fabulous birthday this year, my dear!
Happy birthday to you today! I was reminiscing about the day you moved in and how it changed my life forever!

I really love having you around, my friend!
Happy birthday to my wonderful friend
and roommate who truly is a pleasure
to live with!

I honestly couldn’t think of anyone better
to share my space with!

I hope your special day brings you a lot
of happiness and I also hope that the
year ahead is super kind to you!

All my very best to you, dear roommate!
Happy birthday, roomie!

I want to wish you the very happiest of birthdays today! You deserve a wonderful day full of celebration!

I’ve decided that for your gift this year I am going to do your laundry and clean up after you for a whole week!

You’re welcome!
Happy birthday, my friend!

Not only is it great simply having a friend like you, but I also have the added luxury of being able to live with you, too! What a great bonus!

I’m wishing you a fantastic day today, at least as fantastic as you are!