Newest Birthday Wishes

Another year has passed us by and
still I can’t believe how lucky I am to
have found a husband as wonderful
and as perfect as you. You truly are
my whole world and I am so grateful
to have you in my life, my love.

Happy birthday from your forever
loving wife.
Some things will never change, bestie
Our childhood memories will never fade
Someone I’ve known forever
Happy birthday to the perfect lover!
There’s not a single thing I’d change!
As I reflect on this past year, I can’t help but feel grateful for all of the wonderful moments and people I have in my life. I’m feeling very blessed on my birthday today.
An inspirational and respected person
Someone I respect more each year
I have but the greatest gratitude for all the lovely wishes and messages that I received on my birthday today, and I’ll carry the kind words with me throughout the year ahead. Thanks a bunch, everybody.
Your love keeps my heart warm
With you, I always feel safe
Being beside you
Is my favorite place. 

Happy birthday, my love. 
Happy birthday to a great man who
took me under his wing as his own:
my dear father-in-law.

I’ll be forever grateful for you. 
Happy birthday, mom! Year after year it becomes even more apparent to me just how lucky I am to be your son!
Happy birthday to a star student
You’ve come on leaps and bounds
Students like you make teaching worthwhile
A shining example of a student
Today is my birthday! I’m excited and ready to take on the year ahead, and my only wish is that it may be full of many fantastic experiences!
Every year when my special day
comes around, it always amazes
me when I’m reminded how many
wonderful people I have in my life.

Thank you all for taking a little time
out of your day to brighten mine, 
it means a lot.
Happy birthday, uncle!

You’re the life of the party, there’s never a dull moment when you’re around, you bring the fun with you more than anyone else I have found!
In you, I found my soulmate 
We’re two peas in a pod
We share the same sense of humor 
And we’re both a little bit odd!

Happy birthday, sweetie!
Husbands like you
There are very few
You’re one of the good ones
I’m so blessed to have you.

Happy birthday, my love 😍
Sending big birthday love your way
On your fab and most special day! 

Happy birthday, my sweetheart!!
I’m over the moon to be celebrating
my birthday today with all those I love
most. My heart is very full right now.
I wouldn’t trade our friendship for the world
We go way back
I can’t even begin to describe how much all your birthday messages meant to me. They were truly heartwarming to read and I appreciated each and every word. Thank you so much, everyone.
Sending the best birthday wishes to my brother from the funniest sister! You’re lucky to have such a spectacular sibling who is as funny as I am!
21 beautiful years
Have flown by
But you’ll always remain
The apple of my eye. 

Happy 21st birthday, daughter.
It is with a full heart that I celebrate another spectacular year of life with all my friends and family around. I’m truly blessed to have you all. 
A crazy uncle like you
There cannot be two
You truly are unique
You’re my favorite freak!

Happy birthday! 😜
Happy birthday to my most precious princess
You’ll always warm your parent's hearts
I'm lucky to have an uncle like you
Wishing you happiness in your old age, uncle
To everyone who wished me a happy birthday, I’m extending a very special thank you for the lovely messages! I appreciate it, truly!
Happy 2nd birthday, nephew!

You continue to fill my heart with love
and make me forever proud to be your
aunty. Love you loads, sweet baby boy!
I’m wishing you a heavenly birthday
today on your most blessed day of the
year. May good health and happiness
accompany you on your journey ahead.
Happy birthday, my dear husband.

Other than our anniversary, of course,
your birthday is the most special day
of the entire year. In my eyes, there
isn’t a better reason or person to
celebrate than you.
A lover like you deserves every day to be special, not just once a year on your birthday. 

Happy birthday, sweetie. 😘
My special day has come around once again! I’m wishing a self happy birthday and looking forward to sharing my birthday celebrations with you all! 🥳
Happy birthday and best wishes to a remarkably talented future doctor! You're almost there, all your hard work and dedication will soon pay off!
Big wishes for your 19th birthday
Your last year of being a teen
Your 19th trip around the sun
Happy 80th birthday to a wise elder
Happy 80th birthday to my grandma
Happy birthday, brother! Luckily for you, we share the same DNA which means you also benefit from many of the funny and wonderful qualities that I have!
Uncle, you’re another year older yet we continue to share the same mental age! I guess that’s why we get on so well!

Happy birthday from your favorite funny niece!
Happy birthday to someone with a sweet soul
and the purest heart! I pray that you have a
magnificent birthday this year as you truly
are a shining star in this world!
Happy birthday, girl!

I am so proud of you
and how much you
have grown as a person.
I feel very privileged to
have a best friend like you.