Newest Birthday Wishes

You can be anything you want to be, girl
Birthdays only come around once a year
On your birthday this year, my sweetheart, I wanted to write you a heartfelt and romantic message filled with gratitude and love for all that you are and all that you do. 

Thank you for your endless and unconditional love. You are always there for me come rain or shine, and it fills me with such a warm feeling knowing I have someone as special as you that I can always depend on.

I hope you know that I will always be that person for you, too. 

Happy birthday and forever yours,
Your guy.
Happy birthday, girl.

May this special day of yours
mark the start of a wonderful
and happy year ahead full of
endless opportunities and
amazing achievements. 
Happy birthday to my special guy.

As we celebrate one more year of you,
it reminds me just how blessed I am to
have had you by my side for another
trip around the sun.

I’m truly grateful for you, my love.
I don’t know what I did to deserve a best friend like you, but I must have done some pretty crazy things in a previous life! Happy birthday, girl!
Today is no ordinary day as it’s
the birthday of a very special little
superstar! May your birthday this
year be as precious as the sweet
girl that you are ✨
On your very first birthday
that sees you turn one,
I want to wish you a happy
birthday from my heart
with lots of love from mom. 
Close your eyes
Blow out your candles
And may all of your dreams
And wishes come true for you.

Happy birthday to you.
May you continue being lovely, my sweet girl
Heart-touching wishes for a sweet daughter
A super beautiful boy is turning 2 today!

May all of the joy and happiness in
the world come your way on your very
special day, and just keep multiplying
day after day!

Sending you sweet wishes, baby boy!
Everyone’s youth must come to an end at some point, and it looks like this birthday marks the end of yours! It was fun while it lasted, bro! 😜
Never in my life did I think it would be possible to find a friend so great, especially not one who would go on to become my wife. Thank you for being the greatest friend, life partner, and lover a guy could wish for. 💐
Happy birthday to the best dad a girl could ask for! I hope you have the absolute best day, and I can't wait to celebrate with you later with lots of cake! 🎂 
Thanks a bunch to all who wished
me well on my birthday this year.

It really meant a lot to me 🙏 
Happy birthday to my dear wife, so sweet and funny. Your love makes every day of my life so warm and sunny! 😎
Happy little-bit-late birthday to you
Wishing you a fab birthday, sister-in-law
Another fabulous trip around the sun
Happy birthday to my best friend in the whole wide world!

I am so grateful for the friendship we have formed, and I vow to cherish it always, girl. We have a truly special bond; one that will last a very long time and that simply can’t be broken.

I can’t wait for all the wonderful moments ahead, all of the memories that are yet to be made in our fabulous friendship.
Happy birthday to my guy
The apple of my eye
I’m so lucky to have you 
Around to brighten my life
And my wish is that someday 
I will become your wife! ❤️
As you turn 21 today, daughter, know that
my heart is so full of love and pride for you.
You have grown up to become a wonderful
woman and you truly do deserve the world.

May this marvellous milestone birthday
open many fabulous doors for you and 
present you with endless opportunities.

Happy 21st birthday from mom. 
For a girl so dear
On your birthday this year 
May only good come your way
On your very special day. 

Sending you all my love ❤️
Girl, if there’s anyone capable of
achieving their dreams it’s you.
You are a true inspiration and
shining example of how a little
determination can go a long way.

Happy birthday and best wishes
to you. ✨
Happy birthday, my dear best friend.

Your birthday is as good a time as
any to tell you how much you mean
to me. You’re a true, kind, and
genuine person with a heart of gold.
You’re the most loyal of them all.

I truly am the luckiest person in the
world to have a blessed best friend
in you. Thank you for always
sticking by my side, bestie.
There are some things in life that become tired with age, but you only seem to get better and brighter with the years.

Happy birthday and best wishes to you, mam.
My cute baby girl, the apple of my eye, today we celebrate your 1st birthday, I can’t believe 12 months have already passed us by. Happy birthday, my precious little princess.
It brings me enormous joy to be
wishing a very happy birthday to
my 18-year-old son today!

As we celebrate this tremendous
milestone in your life, I want you
to know just how incredibly well
you have done with all of your
achievements so far. I have so much
respect and admiration for you, son.

Best wishes to you on your 18th
birthday from dad.
On this blessed day that is your birthday, let us rejoice and celebrate one more year that you have been gracing us with your presence on this earth.
Cheesy birthday wishes for my girlfriend
1st birthday wishes for my dog
Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe what I am to be part of the special and unique bond that we share as best friends. 

I wouldn’t have been able to achieve half the things I have done without the support of your friendship. Thank you for always being there for me and believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. You’re a true friend and my rock. 

Happy birthday to you. I’m sending all of my very best wishes your way.
Happy birthday, bro!

You deserve a very big and extra special gift on your birthday for surviving another year of putting up with an annoying sister like me! 
Happy birthday, honey. 

You are the one to
Whom I was drawn
And who ever since
Has kept my heart warm. 
Happy birthday, my love. 

You are my heart, my passion,
and the one I am most blessed with.
I’ll be forever grateful for you. 
Believe in your dreams but more importantly, believe in yourself. By backing yourself, you’ll go on to achieve everything that your heart desires. Happy birthday, girl.
I’m blessed to have a best friend like you
Cousin, you get more awesome with age
Happy birthday to my better half who
completes me and makes me whole!

Forever grateful for you, my love! 😘
A lover like no other
Happy birthday to the light of my life
Happy birthday, grandma!

As you celebrate this magnificent
milestone remember that you’re not
70 years old, you’re 70 years young! 
Happy birthday to you, aunty.
May your special day this year
bless you with all the joy and
happiness you so deserve.

Best wishes with love from your niece. 
It brings so much joy to my heart to be wishing a very happy 2nd birthday to my gorgeous grandson. You deserve the world and more for the cute baby that you are. 
For all that you are
And all that you do
I wish the happiest
Birthday to you. 

Best wishes to you, bro. 
Happy birthday to a buddy like no other! I hope you know that to me, you’ll always be so much more like a brother!
My sweet girl, year after year you only
seem to make me prouder of you, raise
my admiration for you, and become
more of a credit not only to me but
also to yourself.

I am so lucky to be the father of such
an incredible young lady who just keeps
getting more fabulous each year.

Happy birthday with love from dad.
A birthday thank you to my Instagram followers
Feeling beyond blessed for my wishes