Newest Birthday Wishes

The best gift you’ll ever receive
Happy birthday, dear husband.

For each day that you bring happiness
to my life, may you be rewarded with
the same joy for all your kindness.
Even when we’re apart,
I still feel you close to me
right here in my heart.

Happy birthday to you today,
my one and only man!
True love can withstand any obstacle,
including time and distance.

No matter where you are in the world,
no matter how far away that might be,
my love will always shine brightly for you.

Happy birthday to you today, my
husband and soulmate.
Happy birthday, my soulmate!

With marriage comes commitment, no matter how close or far away we are from each other. My love for you stretches farther than any distance!
Happy birthday to my stunningly
beautiful girlfriend!

I thank my lucky stars each and
every day for having you in my life!
Happy birthday to my
incredibly lucky girlfriend!

I say lucky because you
have me as your boyfriend! 
Happy birthday to my gorgeous girlfriend!

I can’t wait to make many more incredible
memories with you this year!
Today is all about you, girlfriend
Wishes for a lover and a best friend
I’m lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend
You are my love, my heart, and my absolute everything. Thank you for being the truly magnificent man that you are and the best husband that a wife could wish for.

Happy birthday with all my love, my dear.
Happy birthday, my one and only. 

You’ve added so much colour to my life
and I’m so glad to have you. Here’s to
many more happy years together.
Being around you is good for my soul, with
your positive vibes and gorgeous glow. 

You truly are someone I aspire to be like, girl.
I’m wishing you the happiest of all birthdays. 
You’re another year older
So what can I say
It’s best not to think about it 
And just celebrate your day!

Happy birthday! 🎂 
My beautiful baby boy is turning 1 already!
Thank you for filling each day for the
last 12 months with so much joy, love, and
memories that I’ll cherish forevermore.

You are my heart, my sweet son.
Today, tomorrow, and 
Each day that follows
My heart will always 
Be full of love for you.

Happy birthday, sweetie. 
You may be getting older, but your
spirit age will remain forever young.

Happy birthday, girl.
Happy birthday to my husband,
a man like no other.

I’m truly blessed to have you
around to brighten my days and
fill my heart with so much joy.
To the light of my life and my eternal happiness, I’m wishing you a fabulous birthday unlike any other before! Big kisses to you!
Turning 2 is a super big deal, especially when the kid is as special as you are!

I’m wishing you a birthday full of joy and a lifetime filled with happiness, baby boy. A child like you truly deserves the world.
Sending the best birthday wishes to my very best buddy today! A better friend than you simply doesn’t exist!
My love, my life, my everything.
Today we celebrate one more year
of the true blessing that you are.

I am so lucky to have a marvellous
man like you to brighten my days
and sweeten every moment that
we spend together. I’m truly
grateful for you, my dear.

Happy birthday, hubby.
Happy birthday to my most beautiful one! I’m wishing for your special day to be as truly lovely as you are!
To have someone like you so close to me is a true blessing. I’m lucky to have you in my life, my love. Happy birthday. 
The birthday of my love
Is just moments away
But I can’t wait any longer
To welcome her special day!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to my cousin
who never seems to age! It’s
probably down to the fact that
he’s never truly grown up!
You inspire me to be the very best version of myself, girl. Thank you for always supporting me with your unique and unmatched friendship. Happy birthday.
I'm grateful for your true and loyal friendship
Unique wishes for a special friend
Happy birthday, sweetie! May this birthday of yours be as sweet as your soul and as truly beautiful as you are!
It’s true, today is your birthday but I
wouldn’t worry about getting older,
bestie. With a childish personality like
yours you’ll always be young at heart!
21 years ago today, the best thing in my life happened. I brought a beautiful baby girl into the world who I have since watched grow into a wonderful woman.

I’m so proud of you and everything that you’ve become, my sweet daughter. Happy 21st birthday with lots of love from mom. 
I’m wishing you the happiest of all birthdays on your special day today, my love. May it warm your heart just as you put the fire in mine ❤️
A true friend like you is a rare find. I
hope you know how much I appreciate 
your friendship, girl. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday to my brother who I wouldn’t change for any other! You’re so close to perfect that I can’t imagine there’s another brother much better than you out there!
Happy birthday, girl!

Out of all the great gifts that you might
receive today, know that you already
have the best of them all: me!
My heart is so full of love for you
I’m wishing the happiest and most wonderful birthday ever to my gorgeous grandson who turns 2 today. You truly are the warmth in your grandma’s heart, baby boy.
My dear son,

No matter how old you become
To me, you will always be
My most special one. 
You truly are my pride and joy.

May you have the very best
And happiest birthday today.
My sweet granddaughter, you’re
growing so quickly as today you turn
2, and just as you grow so does the
immense love that I have for you. 

Happy 2nd birthday, baby girl.
Happy birthday to my wife
My one true love
What did I do to deserve you
You truly are a gift from above. 

Sending you lots of birthday love. 
Dad, what better time to tell you how
much you mean to me than on your
birthday. You truly are my hero.

Happy birthday. 
Thanks to all who reached out and wished me a happy birthday yesterday - they were well received and very much appreciated!
Nobody makes me laugh like you do, bro
Never lose your sense of humor, brother
Happy birthday, my sweet wife!

You’ll always be my happy place
The one who makes me laugh
You’re the better version of me
Quite literally my better half!
Happy birthday, my beautiful bestie!

I’m so lucky to have found a hilarious and quirky friend like you to add a bit of light and laughter to my days! Everybody needs a little bit of crazy in their life!
Happy birthday to my birthday boy! May your special day be just as special as you are to my heart ❤️️
My only wish for you on your birthday this year, my lovely wife, is that your special day brings you a smile and that it stays around for a while!

Happy birthday!