Happy Birthday Nephew

52 happy birthday wishes found:

We loved you even before we had met you. You were a blessing to all your family! I wish you a wonderful birthday, my dear nephew!
You're growing up so fast and each year you become more and more handsome, nephew! Have an awesome birthday!
It is with a heart full of love that I wish my sweet nephew a very happy 2nd birthday today! You are such a special boy and a huge blessing to me. You truly are the greatest gift.
Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet nephew! Each year that you grow bigger so does the love I have for you. You truly are the greatest blessing, my little prince!
A sweet nephew like you
There are simply very few
So a boy as wonderful
And utterly unique
Deserves more than
One day of celebrations,
You should have a
Whole birthday week!

Happy 11th birthday, nephew!
Happy 2nd birthday, nephew!

You continue to fill my heart with love
and make me forever proud to be your
aunty. Love you loads, sweet baby boy!
Aunty, I’m wishing you the most wonderful day today as you turn another year more fabulous! Happy birthday from your favorite nephew!
Happy 7th birthday to the world’s best
nephew! I hope that your special day this
year is as awesome as you are, kiddo!
Happy 2nd birthday, nephew! 

You’re the cutest and most awesome little boy and I couldn’t be prouder to be your uncle!
Happy 1st birthday!

When you’re old enough to read, my adorable nephew, I hope you’ll cherish this birthday message as much as I’ve cherished you this past year!
My sweet nephew turns 2 today!

Here’s to another year full of love,
joy, and happy memories waiting
to be made!
Happy birthday, my sweet nephew.

Today you turn 2, and I couldn’t
be more proud to be the aunty of
a wonderful baby boy like you.
You truly are a little miracle and
the most beautiful blessing.
Happy birthday to the best uncle a
nephew could wish for!

I admire and look up to you so much!
There are but a few sweet nephews like you, and I am so incredibly proud and lucky to be your aunt!

Happy birthday, little one!
Happy first birthday, sweet nephew!

Throughout your first year of life, you have brought so much happiness to our lives and given us so many precious moments!

I can’t wait for the many more wonderful memories that are yet to be made! We love you, baby boy!

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