Happy Birthday Nephew

Were found 15 happy birthday messages:

You are my nephew, but I love you like if you were my son. And in my heart there’ll always be a special place for my one and only special boy.

Happy birthday, my dear!

Wishing you
a happy birthday,
my dearest nephew!
May this auspicious
day bring you much
joy and love, and may
his lovely memory
linger in your heart.

My dear nephew,

we remember when you came to our house and played for hours. Your aunty always made you that special food you loved and, at night, I would read you stories before you went to sleep, always having time for one more.

We adore you, sweet nephew! Have a very special birthday and a wonderful year to come!

Your loving uncle and aunty

Happy birthday to my nephew, the sweetest boy in the world! May another year of life bring you much joy and more wisdom. And may the pains of life never trouble your beautiful smile.

Be happy, my dear, and above all, be always who you meant to be!

Happiness, surprises,
lovely smiles, beautiful
people around you,
that’s what I wish for you,
my dearest nephew.

Today, tomorrow and
forever, may you always
be happy and thrive.
Have a wonderful birthday!

My lovely nephew, the light of my heart, is celebrating another year of life. Happy birthday, my dear! I wish you a lifetime of joy and love.

Happy birthday to a
superstar of a nephew,
the brightest young
man in the family!

As my nephew, we
share a very unique
You’re both my best
friend but also like a
son to me - I care for
you as if you were
my own child.

I will always be there for you,
to support you through all the
good times and the bad
(but hopefully mostly good!).

Have a great day filled with
lots of gifts, more cake than
you can eat, but most importantly
tons of laughter and smiles!

Today we are celebrating
your birthday, dear nephew!

Such a bright young boy,
we are so proud of you
and what a sweet,
caring gentleman
you are turning into!

Our dear nephew,
you have forever
changed our lives
and for that, we
love you more than
you could ever know.
You really are such a
special person to us!

With all our love,
your aunt & uncle.

Before you were born, I was just your father’s brother. But then I became your uncle and I started to walk proud. Happy birthday, dear nephew!

You make me proud and filled with joy since the day you were born. But this will remain our little secret, because if others were to find out how great it is to have a nephew like you, no one would ever want to be a parent and humanity would come to a halt.

I hope you have a fantastic day and a fantastic year to come!

We loved you even before we had met you. You were a blessing to all your family! I wish you a wonderful birthday, my dear nephew!

You're growing up so fast and each year you become more and more handsome, nephew! Have an awesome birthday!

Since the day you were born you took hold of a big spot in my heart. You are a wonderful boy, the most dearest of nephews, and I love like if you were my own son.

Have a lovely birthday, and may your dearest dreams come true!

It must be strange to others to see such a close relationship between an uncle and his nephew, a relationship built on friendship, playfulness and mutual respect. It took us years of sharing and caring to have such a perfect bond.

It must be strange to others, but not to me. I grew up having a great uncle, who was more like a friend, who would listen and share stories, who would teach me, who always had time for one more joke. Without this special bond we share, my world would be somewhat empty.

Happy birthday to the best uncle there is!

My sister adores you, my nephew and niece adore you and even my parents adore you. I’m no different, I adore you to. Happy birthday!