Birthday Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend

Were found 31 happy birthday messages:

Happy birthday to a great guy, past lover and now a present friend! Wishing you the very best on your special day today!
Sometimes I find myself missing having
you as a boyfriend as you are a genuinely
kind and sweet guy, but then I quickly
realise how annoying you can be too!

We’re miles better off as friends anyway!

Happy birthday to you today!
Happy birthday to a great ex!

We may not have been made for each other romantically, but I’m so glad to have you in my life as a great friend!
Happy birthday, dear ex!

We may not have always seen eye to eye but today, on your birthday, I want to raise a glass to you and bury the hatchet!

Cheers to you and here’s to the start of our re-established friendship!
You meet thousands of people in your
lifetime, but you will always stick out in
a very special way to me!

Happy birthday to you today!
Some exes leave your life, never to be heard from again! I’m so glad that we’ve kept in touch and stayed friends, though! Happy birthday to you today!
Happy birthday to a genuinely lovely guy through and through!

I will always cherish our relationship, past and present, and I feel lucky to still have such an amazing ex as a friend!

I'm wishing you an absolutely wonderful day as you celebrate another year of your life today!
The saying goes it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, and that couldn’t be any more accurate when it comes to you, my dear!

I’m grateful for the time we shared and the memories we made! Happy birthday to you today!
Even though things didn’t work out between us and you apparently weren’t the man for me, you’re still a great guy and someone I am proud to call a friend!

Wishing a wonderful birthday to a wonderful ex! Enjoy your day today!
There’s a reason why you’re my ex:
I couldn’t handle just how wonderful
you are! Trying to compete with you
is exhausting!

Happy birthday for today, my dear!
I’m lucky to have had you in my life as both a past boyfriend and a good friend!

Happy birthday! I’m wishing you the best on your special day today!
I hope the universe rewards such a kind and caring man with all of life’s little wonders and pleasures today!

Happy birthday, my dear ex!
We may no longer be an item, but you’re too important of a person not to wish a happy birthday today!

Happy birthday, my dear!
Happy birthday to an awesome guy who touched my heart from the moment I first met him!

Although we’re no longer together as a couple, you still mean a lot to me and you always will. I truly value your friendship!

Enjoy your special day today!
Past lovers but friends for life! We’ve spent many great times together and I’m sure there will be many more to come! Happy birthday to you today!