Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven

Were found 28 happy birthday messages:

I’m wishing you a happy birthday in my prayers today, daddy.

While you were here on earth you were the most inspirational person in my life, and even though you’ve gone you still continue to be that inspiration.

Whenever I have doubts, I reflect on the advice you gave and the lessons you taught me. I’ll always hold those moments close to my heart.

I hope you continue to rest peacefully, my forever hero.
You always gave the warmest hugs and knew exactly what to say to cheer me up.

I’ll always remember your wise words. Happy birthday, pappa.
Happy birthday, daddy. I can’t believe
how long it has been since you left
us for heaven.

With each passing birthday, it seems
that I just miss you more and more.

You will always be important to me
and you will forever be in my heart
and in my prayers.

Sending all my love to you today
up there in heaven, my dear dad.
For the most caring and loving dad on your birthday this year, I want to wish you a very happy birthday.

It is true that on your birthday each year, I am overcome with sadness when I am reminded that you’re no longer here with me, but then that sorrow is quickly replaced with tears of joy when I think about all of the amazing times we have shared together.

I have only the very best memories of you, dad. Sending all my love up there to you in heaven today.
Happy birthday to the best father
that ever existed.

No matter how much time passes,
I will always be daddy’s little girl.

Love you, dad.
Wishing my dear dad, who now resides up in heaven, a happy birthday today.

I know you’re always looking over me and keeping me safe from up there, and I hope you can see that we’re celebrating in your honour today.

You mean a lot to me and so many others, too. Sending you all my love on your birthday, dad.
Wishing my dear dad a happy birthday beyond the clouds.

Even though you are no longer here to celebrate it, your birthday will always be a special occasion as it’s a celebration of your life and a time to recognise all of your incredible achievements.

I’ll continue to celebrate it in your honour, until the end of days. Love you, dad.
Sending a birthday message way up high, to my dear dad someplace in the sky.

I’ll never forget all of the amazing things you have done for me, dad, and you will forever live on inside my heart. Love you loads, dad.
I know that you’ll be watching over us today, dad, so here’s to you on your birthday! Cheers to the greatest man that ever lived!
I’ll never forget the most special
person who gave me everything.

Happy birthday to you today, dad.
Sending so much love to you.
Each year that your birthday comes
around brings me pain, daddy, but
then I start to remember the great
times and all of the amazing memories
I have quickly come rushing back.

I wish I’d had you in my life for longer,
but I am so grateful for the time I did
get to spend with you. I’ll always
cherish those moments.

Love you always, papa.