Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

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Happy birthday to a truly special
baby boy and big congratulations
to the parents, too!

Today you will be showered with love,
even more so than usual! You are so
precious, a bright light in the lives of
all of those around you.

You will always be so very loved, little
one. Wishing you every happiness
today and forever more!
A special day for a beautiful baby boy
1 today, baby boy
Happy birthday to the most
gorgeous baby boy!

I know you won’t be able to
read this yet, but I am trusting
your lovely parents to pass my
message to you in the form of
lots of hugs and lots of kisses!

Then, when I see you next I’ll
give you even more! Have a
lovely day, precious little one!
You’re 2 today, baby boy
My cute baby boy turns 1 today
Happy birthday to your
beautiful baby boy!

He is the biggest blessing
you will ever receive!
1st birthday wishes for baby boy from mother
Precious wishes for my baby boy’s 1st birthday
Happy birthday to the little baby boy who
has already stolen the hearts of so many!

You are truly the most magnificent,
adorable baby boy in existence! I have no
doubt that you’ll continue stealing hearts
as you grow up, too!

Have a very happy birthday, tiny cutie!
Today is a very special day, for
we are celebrating the birthday
of a very special baby boy!

Happy birthday, adorable one!

You are so lucky to have the most
wonderful and caring parents to
guide you through life!

Wishing you a future filled with
happiness and love!
Happy birthday, my twinkling little star
Sending lots of love on my son's 1st birthday
Happy birthday to this
heart-melting baby boy!

You give so much meaning
to our lives, little one!
My love for you is brighter than the sun
A beautiful baby boy is a blessing
Today is the birthday of
an irresistible baby boy!
Happy birthday! 

I also extend my wishes to
the parents who created such
an adorable little human!
Happy birthday, little man!

You are without a doubt the
most adorable baby boy I
have ever met and I wish you
but happiness, love and laughter
in life, each and every day!

Sending you all my love on
your birthday!
Happy birthday to a beautiful
baby boy and the beautiful
parents who created him!
Congratulations on the birthday of your
beautiful baby boy!

He truly is the most adorable thing ever,
and I can already tell that he’s going to be
a little heartbreaker when he’s older!

Make sure to keep a close eye on him!

Kisses to you all!
Bubbly, giggly, smiley and happy - today is the birthday of this beautiful baby boy!
Happy birthday to the parents of such an
adorable baby boy! He is surely the most
precious gift you will ever receive!

Today I am wishing you all good health,
happiness and blessed moments.

You are such a cute little team, the most
enchanting family I have ever seen!
Many congratulations and sending my love
to all three of you!
Happy first birthday, baby boy! For twelve months you’ve been blessing our lives with joy and love.

All we want is for you to grow and never be short of happiness, and that you are able to achieve all of your dreams.

We love you!
Beautiful baby boy, you are the apple of my eye! I cherish you with all my heart and the love I have for you is unsurpassable.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much joy and light you bring to my life, but one day, when you’re old enough, you will know it simply from how I look at you.

Happy birthday, my sweetheart!
I want to wish a very happy birthday
to your gorgeous baby boy today!

I know that he isn’t old enough yet
to read this, so please could you give
him a big kiss and an enormous hug
from me!

I hope you all have a lovely day,
celebrating life’s most precious gift:
your little wonder!

Lots of love to you all!

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