Happy Birthday for Babies

59 happy birthday wishes found:

You are my beloved baby boy, and I want you to know that everything I do in life is all for you.

You’re my whole world, my sweet son!
You are a blessing, little princess
Happy birthday, my twinkling little star
You are 4 months old today, little one!

At this very early and special stage in your life, each and every month is important and must be recorded!

We will continue to celebrate your growth and shower you with love, sweet baby!
My love for you is brighter than the sun
A special day for a beautiful baby boy
2 months old today!

It has already been two whole months since you came into this world and changed our lives forever, little one!

At this early stage of your life, each month is just as important as the next!
A special baby girl like you deserves nothing but love
My baby girl is celebrating her very first birthday today! You truly are the light of my life, my darling daughter.
Happy birthday, teeny tot! At this special age, everything is new and exciting!

I hope you continue to be blessed with the many wonders that life has to offer!
There are but a few sweet nephews like you, and I am so incredibly proud and lucky to be your aunt!

Happy birthday, little one!
Your first birthday is fast approaching, cutie! You’re not quite there yet but you’re more than halfway, for today you are 7 months old!

Watching how you’ve developed over these past several months is astonishing! Keep growing so beautifully, little one!
You’re 9 months old today, little one, and so close to being a whole year old!

Reaching this very special milestone means that you’ve been in this world now for the same amount of time that we were eagerly awaiting you to enter it!
My beautiful baby niece, happy birthday!

I can already tell that you’re going to be more like a daughter to me, sweetie!
Happy half-birthday, tiny baby!

I’m sending lots of sweet kisses to you as today you are 6 months old and halfway to your very first birthday!
You have been blessed not once, but twice with two beautiful twin babies! Congratulations! They are two wonderful little treasures and you truly are so lucky!

My best wishes to you all, and may they have the most extraordinarily amazing lives ahead of them!
Today I am sending twice the birthday wishes to the cutest baby twins!

You each are truly special in your own unique ways, but together you form the greatest bond only twins are capable of!

Happy birthday to you both!
Happy birthday to your super cute twins! They are like two adorable peas in a pod!

You are beyond blessed and I’m wishing you all lots of happiness, good health, and magical moments ahead!

Sending all my love to your beautiful little family today!
Happy birthday, sweet little one! When you entered the world you brought an abundance of joy with you!
Today is a very special day, for
we are celebrating the birthday
of a very special baby boy!

Happy birthday, adorable one!

You are so lucky to have the most
wonderful and caring parents to
guide you through life!

Wishing you a future filled with
happiness and love!

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