Happy 60th Birthday

40 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy 60th birthday, mom!

I hope this very special birthday of yours is just as special as you are in my heart.

I’m sending you lots of love on your anniversary today and wishing the best for you always, mom.
Happy 60th birthday, dad! 

Another spectacular decade completed,
Now you can just sit back and relax!
A very happy birthday to you, my dear! I’m sending lots of love and all my best wishes your way today.

May your 60th birthday be one of great celebration, for it is such a wonderful and special occasion. 
I’m sending lots of lovely 60th birthday wishes to my favorite female today!

May you have a truly fabulous day today, and I hope that this great time in your life brings lots of happiness, joy, and good health to you!
Wishing a very happy 60th birthday to my dear dad! May this very special birthday of yours be a truly spectacular one!
Happy birthday to you! I’m sending
my dearest prayers and wishes your
way today as you celebrate turning
60 years of age!

May you have a truly memorable and
magnificent day for what is certainly
a memorable and magnificent age.
This is no ordinary birthday, it’s a
very special birthday as today we
are celebrating 60 glorious years
of the sweetest, dearest woman
I know: my lovely mom!

May all the years ahead be as
beautiful as these past 60 have
been for you, mom.
Happy 60th birthday to you!

You might well be turning the grand
old age of 60 today, but you’re still
very much young at heart.

You’re so full of life and the person
with the most youthful soul out of
anyone I know!
Many happy returns to you! May your 60th birthday be a truly magnificent one and bring you nothing but joy, happiness, and good health.
Happy 60th birthday to you!

There’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel as you’re almost at the age of retirement, my dear! I hope you’re already starting to plan what you’ll do with all of your free time!
Happy 60th birthday!

You might not be as young as you once
were, but you’ve still got plenty of life left
in you! You’re not over the hill quite yet!
Many happy returns to you on your 60th birthday today, my friend!

I hope this decade ahead is kind to you and brings everything that your heart desires. That’s nothing less than a lovely person like you deserves.
Happy 60th birthday to you! I hope your eyesight is still good enough that you’re able to read all of your birthday messages today!
Happy 60th birthday from one wise old lady to another!

May you have the most magnificent birthday, my dear!
I’m so pleased to be wishing a very happy 60th birthday to you today!

You’ve become more and more distinguished over the years and you’re the finest example of someone from your era, which officially makes you a true vintage now! 

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