Happy 3rd Birthday

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Today is a day full of joy and celebration,
as I am wishing a very happy 3rd birthday
to my son!

You are my little prince, the light of my life,
and I hope that all of your days are filled
with as much happiness as possible!
Wishing you a magical 3rd birthday filled with sparkles and glitter, little princess!

May your day be as beautiful as your smile!
Happy 3rd birthday to the most
adorable little devil!

There hasn’t been a single day
where you haven’t brought a
smile to my face, my baby boy!
Happy 3rd birthday, cupcake!

You are such a sweet treat and
just the most adorable little cutie!
I could just eat you up!

I’m sending you lots of sugar-coated
kisses and tight hugs today on your
special day, my dear!
It’s your 3rd birthday today, little one!

For such a well-behaved toddler I hope you have a fun-filled day and that you are showered with lots of lovely presents!

You deserve all the love and happiness possible, my sweetheart!
Happy birthday to my special boy who is
growing up in a flash and celebrating his
third birthday today!

May you have the most magical day
possible, and I hope you know just how
very loved you are, my sweet son!
Happy birthday to your little one and a special congratulations to you both on the third birthday of your gorgeous toddler! 
Happy 3rd birthday to you,
my adorable little one!

You are living, laughing,
walking proof of how
terrific turning 3 can be!

You have so much ahead
of you to look forward to
and I hope that each and
every year is filled with a
huge amount of happiness!
Today, I have the great delight of wishing a very happy and special birthday to my 3-year-old daughter!

May you keep shining as brightly as you do, sweetie, for many more years to come!

Happy 3rd birthday, my beautiful girl!
Happy birthday, munchkin!

I can’t believe how much you’ve grown in just 3 years - look how big you are! I hope you continue to grow beautifully and always with a smile on your face!

Wishing you a lovely 3rd birthday and sending you lots of kisses!
Happy 3rd birthday, son!

You are already so sweet and caring at just 3-years-old and I hope you continue to grow up to be the kind person you are turning out to be!

I love you with all my heart, my lovely boy!
On your 3rd birthday, my gorgeous girl, I want you to know that I’ll love and protect you forever. You're my whole entire world. 
Today is all about you, my precious little princess!

We are going to shower you with so much love and enjoy lots of playful games together on your 3rd birthday today!

I hope you enjoy every second of it, my sweetheart! Happy birthday!
Today’s your 3rd birthday, my baby boy! Happy birthday!

It’s been three whole years since you were just a tiny thing inside mommy’s tummy, and look at you now!
One, two, three… It’s your 3rd birthday, little one!

I know there’s going to be a lot going on for you today, but I hope you enjoy everyone singing happy birthday to you today and that your face lights up when you see your birthday cake with 3 bright candles on it!

Lots of love, sweet kisses and big hugs for you today!

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