18th Birthday Wishes

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You may be all grown up, but to us you will always be our little baby! We will continue to embarrass you on every chance we get. Happy 18th birthday!
Despite my best efforts, you have grown up so quickly, but you will always be a baby to me. Happy 18th birthday from mom!
Today is the beginning of your adulthood. Always remember where you come from, but travel as far as you can. Happy 18th Birthday!
Happy 18th birthday!
You’re no longer a kid!

Have an awesome birthday and
enjoy the exciting times ahead!
Your 18th birthday has arrived, and it certainly is a very special one!

In my eyes, you have always been very mature for your age and well beyond your years, but today marks that you are officially an adult! While your coming of age brings you a variety of new responsibilities, it also brings lots of exciting new opportunities and experiences!

Enjoy today and this momentous new chapter of your life. I wish you all the success and happiness that you so very deserve!
Today you turn 18.
You think you know everything
About what makes the world turn
But there is so much more yet to learn.

What a great kid you were,
Today still a teen you are,
Though it’s no secret of the occult,
You will be a fabulous adult.

Welcome to maturity.
Welcome to reality.
But keep a bit of the fantasy
For tonight it's time to party!

Have a great 18th birthday!
You may still be a teenager, but your 18th birthday is a reminder that those years are coming to an end and you’re entering adulthood!

You’re already so grown up that I am certain you will adjust to this new phase of your life with ease!

They will probably be some of the best years of your life, with so many new adventures awaiting you. Make the most of every opportunity, and most of all make sure you enjoy it!

Have a great birthday!
Happy 18th birthday!
Now the fun really starts!

Enjoy your newfound freedom
and privileges, my friend!
Happy 18th birthday, my dear!

As you’re nearing the end of your teens,
we've all seen a big change in you.
It’s as though you’ve become a grown
up overnight!

Keep going on this fantastic path you’ve
started, we’re all very proud of you!

Big kisses on this momentous birthday!
Today is your 18th birthday! It is time to say goodbye to zits and curfews and hello to wrinkles and parking tickets. Have an amazing day!

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