Birthday Toasts

Were found 36 happy birthday messages:

A toast, to a remarkable, funny,
intelligent human being worthy of
everyone’s admiration!

A very happy birthday to you today!
I just want to propose a quick toast to my birthday buddy! May happiness bless you every day and I hope your birthday brings you everything you’ve been wishing for!
Today, I want to raise a glass and make a toast to a very special someone!

I wholeheartedly wish you all the happiness in life, which is nothing short of what you deserve.

Here’s to you on your special day! Cheers!
This toast is to you, my dear friend!

May your days always be jolly, spent
in the good company of great friends!

Happy birthday to you!
It is with a glass half full that I toast to you on your birthday this year, my dear!

A very happy birthday to you today!
As we celebrate the start of a new
chapter in your life, I just want to
wish you all the very best!

I hope that all the delights and joy life
has to offer come your way this year!

Cheers to you!
I want to wish you a lifetime
full of love and full of happiness,
always creating new and
heartwarming memories for
you to cherish forever.

Happy birthday to you!
May your special day be filled with love, brilliance, joy and precious moments! A very happy birthday to you today, my dear!
To a wonderful person with the kindest
soul, I am so pleased that we were all
able to gather together on this special
occasion to honour such a truly
remarkable human being!

We are all very lucky to have you in
our lives! Happy birthday!
On your special day today I’m wishing you good health, prosperity, and all the happiness possible for the year ahead, my dear! Here’s to you today!
On this joyous occasion, we raise a
glass to your health, your prosperity,
and above all, your happiness!

May we all drink to that! Cheers!
I am so pleased that we can all be gathered here together to celebrate your birthday today, my dear!

May each birthday of yours be surrounded by those friends and family members you love most, and who love you just as much!

Cheers to you!
May this joyous day bring you a year full of promise, my dear!

You are a truly kind person who deserves all the wonders life has to offer, and I for one hope you get everything you wish for!

Happy birthday to you!
Today is your birthday!
Hip hip, hooray! 

Three cheers for you on
your special day, my dear!
Here’s to the person we’re all here to celebrate today: the birthday beauty!

Wishing you greatness, always, and may your life forever shine brightly like the beautiful star that you are, my dear!

A very happy birthday to you! Cheers!