Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Were found 32 happy birthday messages:

I can’t fully express in words just how much I love you, but I hope a gorgeous birthday cake and lots of lovely gifts will speak volumes!

Happy birthday, darling!
To my beautiful darling,

Beauty may be in the eye of the
beholder, but it’s clear for anyone to
see that you continue to defy mother
nature as you only get more beautiful
with each passing year.

I’m sending you the biggest kiss and
the tightest hug on your special day
today! Happy birthday to you with all
my love, forever and always!
Happy birthday to you, my love!

I hope that your special day today is just the start of a wonderful year full of love and full of happiness!
Happy birthday to you today, my darling!

As your sweetheart, I intend to throw you the most romantic birthday possible this year! So, prepare yourself to be wined and dined, romanced, and treated to a lovely day full of delightful surprises!
My love for you burns brighter than all the candles on top of your cake today!

Happy birthday to you, my darling!
To the one I love
There’s no one as funny
You have the kindest soul
And you’re as sweet as honey!

Happy birthday to you, my darling!
Happy birthday to the kindest and
sweetest human in the whole world!

Today my favorite person turns
another year older and another
year more beautiful!

I love you to the moon and back,
my darling, and there really isn’t
anything I wouldn’t do for you!
Even after all this time, you’re
still the one I’m crazy about!

I have absolutely no doubt in
my mind that you’re the one
I will adore forevermore!

Happy birthday!
For someone who fills me with love every
day, I’m wishing a birthday that’s love-filled
and great! Happy birthday, my sweet one!
Happy birthday to you today,
my sweetheart!

The more time that we spend
in each other's lives, the more
I realize how perfectly suited
for each other we are.

I’m eternally blessed that we
met and I’m so incredibly
thankful for you, my dear!
Happy birthday, love!

As today is your special day, I wanted to tell you just how truly special you are to me!

I can’t think of a kinder, better, more wonderful person I’d rather share this journey through life with!
Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe how fortunate and blessed I am that we found each other!

I’ll always be grateful for you, my love!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you today,
my beautiful one!

Soulmates come around but
once in a lifetime and I truly
am blessed that I found mine.

Some people can spend their
whole lives searching for what
we have with that one special
person, my dear!
You are my love and my life
You are my whole heart. 
You are my lover and my friend, 
And you fill me with emotion.
You are the most beautiful person
With the most beautiful soul.

Happy birthday to you, 
My sweetheart.
The most important person in my life
is celebrating their birthday today, and
I just want to show my love for them
with a special birthday message!

Happy birthday to you today, my
sweetheart! I’m sending all my love
your way!