Happy Birthday for a Stepsister

38 happy birthday wishes found:

I am so lucky to have
A stepsister like you
Who really is a sister
Through and through!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to the world’s best
stepsister! You welcomed me into
your life and took me under your
wing like a true sister, and for that,
I will be forever thankful!

I hope you have the amazing
birthday you so deserve, my dear!
Stepsister, my only wish for you on your special day this year is that all of your hopes and dreams come true, as I have so much love for you.

May you have the happiest birthday possible, my dear.
On paper you’re my stepsister, but in my heart you are simply my sister. Sending you lovely wishes to warm your heart on your birthday today, sis!
Sending the best stepsister in the world
the very best wishes on your special day
today! I hope your celebrations are fun
and fabulous!
If there were an award for the best
stepsister ever, it would undoubtedly
go to you!

Wishing you all the love and happiness
possible on your special day today!
You may well be my stepsister, but you mean more than just that to me. Our bond runs deeper and that’s why you’ll always be my soul sister. Happy birthday.
Being able to celebrate your birthday with you as my stepsister is such a great honour and privilege!

If you weren’t my stepsis I know that we’d still be good friends, but now that we’re family it makes it even more special to be celebrating with you!

I hope that your special day brings you much joy and lots of wonderful gifts! Happy birthday!
When we joined forces not only did you become my stepsister, we became a whole new family unit! My very best birthday wishes to you today!
Sis, I’m wishing the happiest of
birthdays to you today!

Since our two families merged, you have
brought so much love, light, and laughter
to my life that I can’t even begin to explain
how grateful I am for you.

If I can make you even half as happy
as you’ve made me since becoming
my stepsister, then I’ll be content.
It truly warms my heart to be wishing a happy birthday to the best stepsister ever!

I’m sending you all my love and best wishes, and I hope you have a fabulous birthday today that’s at least as fabulous as you are!
Happy birthday to my beautiful stepsister!

Your birthday is so very important and meaningful to me, as you’re an incredible person and a constant source of happiness in my life! Any opportunity to celebrate you is welcome!

All my love to you today, stepsis!
Wishing the happiest of birthdays to
my stunning stepsister! You’re always
gorgeous, and forever glamorous!
Not only are you my stepsister, but you’re also my best friend and confidante!

Wishing you a super birthday today, girl!
Family brought us together, but we became friends through choice!

I am so grateful to have you in my life and to be lucky enough to call you my stepsister! Sending you my sweetest wishes on your special day today!

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