Birthday Wishes for Respected Person

50 happy birthday wishes found:

Not only are you a person I respect with all my heart, but you’re also somebody I feel very blessed to have in my life. Happy birthday to you today.
For a person who needs few words
Someone I find truly honorable
These short birthday wishes
Are to say you’re phenomenal!
It brings me so much joy to be greeting
someone I respect as much as I do you
with the very best birthday wishes today.

May your special day this year be as
remarkable as you are every day.
Before I knew you
I didn’t know my potential
Or how high I could fly
But you have taught me
That if I put my mind to it
I truly can reach the sky.

Happy birthday to you.
Today, I have only the happiest and most respectful birthday wishes for a great man who is a true inspiration to me.

May your special day this year bring you everything you want and more, as you truly deserve the best to come your way. 
For the great person that you are
And for all the good that you do
I’m wishing the most wonderful
And happiest birthday to you.
For all that you are
And all that you stand for
I have the utmost respect 
And admiration for you. 

Happy birthday to you.
Many congratulations to you on your
special day today, I’m wishing a very
happy birthday to you.

I hope you know just how wonderful
you are as to me, you are the most
dedicated, hardest working person I
know. There are lots of reasons why
I respect you, but for those reasons
alone I admire you so much. 
Happy birthday to you.

I’m sending you my very best wishes
today as you are someone I respect
and who is so important to me in
every way imaginable.

You are quite simply my lifeline, my
hero, and the person I most admire.
Happy birthday, sir. You are a man who I have the utmost respect for, so I would just like to wish you a wonderful year ahead full of prosperity and good health. May it be a truly great one for you.
Happy birthday to a very highly
respected person who makes leading
our team seem like a piece of cake!

You aren’t simply someone I look up
to because I have to, I look up to you
because I respect and admire you.
I’m wishing you the best birthday possible today as I hold only the greatest respect for you, mam. You're a strong woman who strives for the best in everything you do.

May you enjoy your special day and many more glorious years to come.
I’m wishing you the most beautiful birthday possible today, miss! I want you to know that I hold so much respect for you.

You’re a very special and remarkable person whose lessons and wisdom will remain with me for many years to come!

Today is the birthday of a very wise lady,
somebody everyone looks up to and holds
nothing but respect for; you, madam!

I wish you all the joy and happiness on
your special day and I hope you enjoy it
surrounded by your nearest and dearest.

Many happy returns, madam!
Happy birthday to my fairy godmother!

You’ve always been there to see to it that good things come my way, only wishing the very best for me. I have nothing but the utmost love and respect for you!

I hope you enjoy your magical day today!