Happy Birthday Priest

50 happy birthday wishes found:

You are one of God’s chosen ones,
selected to spread the word of God
and show people the way.

A very happy birthday to you!
Dearest pastor, you have been a godsend to me in the truest sense. May God bless you today on your birthday and each day to follow.

I, myself, am wishing you many more years of enlightening the lives of others. 
Thank you for being the person I can always confide in and for showing me the way to repentance.

Happy birthday and God bless you, father.
Dear father, today we celebrate the
momentous day you were born and
give thanks for the remarkable
person that you are.

We thank you from the bottom of our
hearts for the wonderful gift you are
to mankind!

Happy birthday to you!
Your birthday today is an opportunity to show our appreciation to you for all of the good that you do and your pivotal contribution to our society. You truly are a gift from above!

May you have a blessed day today!
May you have a heavenly day today as you celebrate another glorious year on this earth, dear father!

I’m wishing you a very happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you today, father.

May God’s love shine brightly on you each and every day, but especially so today.
Happy birthday, spiritual father!

You carry out your responsibilities
and serve your parish with such
grace. May you continue to do so
for many more years to come!
Happy birthday to a truly magnificent spiritual leader!

Thank you for all your teachings and guidance; you've shown me the path and which direction to take.
Happy birthday to you today, pastor!

On your special day this year, I just wanted to recognize what an extraordinary influence you’ve had on me and, indeed, many others.

You guide us towards good and save us from being strayed into temptation. You truly are a blessing from above, delivering and spreading the word of God.

Bless you, father!
Happy birthday to you, father.

You continue to lead your flock towards righteousness and remain a true inspiration to us all. God bless you.
A very happy birthday to you today, father.

Your holy service is so integral and valued
not only by me, but by so many in our
community. May you continue to spread
God’s love for many more years to come.
May God continue to bless you and allow
you to carry out the important work you
do down here on earth.

I’m wishing you a heavenly birthday, Father.
Dear father, I couldn’t let your birthday pass without writing to wish you well. May you have a truly glorious day. Respectfully yours in Christ.
Father, may the candles on your birthday cake shine brightly, lighting up your special day and warming your heart. Happiest of birthdays to you.

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