Happy Birthday Miss

49 happy birthday wishes found:

For an amazingly sweet woman
As wonderful and lovely as you
I’m hoping that this year all of
Your birthday wishes come true!

Happy birthday, miss!
A special and beautiful lady inside and out
You’re a wonderful person, miss
It’s a joy to be wishing
An amazing birthday to
A lady as beautiful
And as lovely as you!

Happy birthday, miss!
I know that I’m not always perfectly on time for some things and occasionally deadlines pass me by, but I'd never be late in wishing you a happy birthday, miss!

I hope your special day this year is superb!
Happy birthday, miss.

For the amazing lady you are
And for all the good you do
I’m wishing the very best and
Happiest birthday to you.
Happy birthday, miss! I’m sending some
very special wishes your way, as today
is your most special day!

I hope your birthday celebrations fill your
heart with joy and make you as happy as
you make all those around you.
Happy birthday, miss! I’m sending lots of love your way and wishing you a beautiful birthday today!
A mother figure to many and a friend to everyone; you truly are a blessing in anybody’s life!

Happy birthday to you today!
I have only the very best wishes for you today, miss! Happy birthday!

You’re an amazing teacher who has truly touched my heart with your lessons, and I simply want to wish you a beautiful day that’s as special and as perfect as you are.
An extraordinary woman like you deserves
the most extraordinary birthday possible!

You have given me so much and you are
one of the most inspirational women I've
ever met. I will forever be indebted to you!

Wishing you a spectacular birthday today!
You are a ray of sunshine in anybody’s life, miss! I’m wishing you a wonderful birthday full of happiness and joy today!
An incredible lady with the kindest and most beautiful heart is celebrating her birthday today! I hope your cake is as sweet as your personality, miss!
One of the kindest and most generous ladies I have ever met is celebrating her birthday today: you!

I’m wishing you an extraordinarily happy birthday, and I hope the year ahead is bright and filled with many wonderful opportunities for you! 
Happy birthday to little miss perfect!

May your birthday celebrations brighten your special day and fill it with all the happiness in the world, just like the warmth and sunshine that you bring to all of those around you!
Happy birthday to you today, miss! I
want you to know that the world is a
much better place for having you in it!

You’re so much more than just a mentor
as you’re a great friend, too! You always
have people’s best interests at heart and
you genuinely care.

I’m wishing you the most amazing,
perfect birthday today!
Happy birthday, lovely lady! You give so much that your generosity seems to be endless! In return, I hope you’re shown the same kindness on your special day today!