Birthday Wishes for Maternal Uncle

39 happy birthday wishes found:

A fabulous uncle like you is worth more than just one, more like two! You have the combined love of a hundred uncles in that big heart of yours!

I hope your special day today is a happy one, just like my childhood which you filled with so many happy memories that I still cherish to this day.

Happy birthday to you.
Based on how great you made my childhood, my mom must have been very lucky to have grown up with you as her brother. I can only imagine the fun you two would’ve had!

Here’s hoping that your special day today is a fun-filled one too. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday to my fun uncle! Although, from the stories my mom has told me you were already a laugh long before you became my uncle!
I wanted to get you something special for your birthday this year, but really what’s more special than a fabulous niece like me! Happy birthday to you!
It’s plain and simple 
For me to say,
You’re the best uncle 
By a long way! 

Happy birthday to you!