Birthday Wishes for Loved Ones

31 happy birthday wishes found:

For you, I have 
Nothing but endearment, 
You’re one of my 
Closest loved ones, 
My nearest and dearest. 

I wish the best for you 
Each and every day, 
But even more so today, 
On this particularly 
Special occasion. 

Happy birthday, my dear.
You have touched my heart in more
ways than you’ll ever know and you’ll
always be one of the most precious
human beings in my life.

Happy birthday, sweetie!
Happy birthday to my one true love!

I hope you know how truly precious you are to me, my sweet dear!
A true blessing like you deserves the sweetest and most loving birthday wishes on their special day, which is exactly what I’m sending to you today!

All my love and the biggest birthday hug to you, my dearest one!
Today, I have the pleasure of wishing
somebody so dear to my heart a very
happy birthday!

You bring so much love and happiness
into my life, that I hope your special
day today rewards you with the same
joy you give me!
I’m sending my most heartfelt birthday wishes to you this year, my sweetheart!

You are loved so dearly by so many, but especially by me! Happy birthday!
Loved ones are special
For many different reasons
But you’re special simply
For being who you are!

You’re the most precious
Gift I have ever received
As you fill my heart with joy,
Love and immense happiness!

Happy birthday to you!
I can’t wait to spend your birthday together, for being beside you is one of my all-time favorite places to be! Happy birthday, lover!
Your birthday is an 
emotional occasion for me, 
full of romance, gratitude, 
and celebrations aplenty! 

Happy birthday, lover!
Happy birthday to the one who always
sees to it that there’s never a shortage
of love in my heart. With you around,
I am guaranteed to be fully content!

May you have the most wonderful
birthday today, my dear one!
Happy birthday, my dear!

Loved ones are present in many people’s lives but I can guarantee that none of them compare to you!

You truly are one of a kind!
It’s true that I’m blessed with many friends and loved ones in my life, but you are among the most special of them all!

I’m sending all my love and heartfelt wishes to you today on your birthday, my dear. May this year be spectacular for you!
Happy birthday to you on your special day this year, my dear! Our love is true, sweet, and definitely unique! It really is something worth cherishing!
You put the sunshine in my life
And the fire in my heart
You are the one I can rely on
To always lift me up.

You are the one I love
With my whole heart
Today, tomorrow, and
All days that follow.

I’m sending all my love 
To you on your special day, 
my dear! Happy birthday!

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