Top Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Girl

Don’t worry about wrinkles or laughter lines, my friend! They’re just the mark of a life well-lived!

Sending all my love to you on your special day today!
Happy birthday to someone who knows of
all my imperfections and everything else
about me yet still chooses to be my friend!

You are extraordinary, my dear!
Who needs lots of different friends
when I have a best friend like you!
To me, you’re worth a thousand
friends, bestie!
I would have baked you a cake
for your birthday this year, but we
both know that wouldn’t have turned
out so well!

So, instead, I’m sending you this
beautifully heartfelt birthday message!

I’m wishing you the world on your
special day today, bestie!
Happy birthday, my dear friend!

I wanted to give you some words of
wisdom that will hopefully bring you
some comfort as you turn yet another
year older today, bestie.

So, just remember that no matter how
old you get, you will never truly age as
true beauty comes from within.

Which is pretty lucky for you I’d say, girl!
Happy birthday to you, girl!

True friends know all of each other's
flaws and their deepest, darkest secrets
and yet continue to be friends anyway!

I’m truly grateful to have a great gal pal
and dear best friend like you!
Having a best friend like me is worth not one, but three! I hope you know just how fortunate you are to have me!

Happy birthday, bestie!
Happy birthday, bestie!

We truly were made for each other and destined to be best friends, as I don’t know anyone else who would be able to handle us! We’re lucky to have each other, girl!
Happy birthday, girl!

Out of all the great gifts that you might
receive today, know that you already
have the best of them all: me!
If you’re wondering why your cake is starting to sag, it’s because it can’t take the weight of all those candles on top of it! Happy birthday, bestie!
I really wanted to plan a surprise party
for you today, girl, but thought better
of it given your delicate age!

Happy birthday to you!
You deserve more than just any old gift
and only the very best is good enough
for a dear friend and great girl like you!

I refuse to get you anything that doesn’t
match how cool and awesome you are,
and as I am still yet to find that, I
haven’t got you anything at all!

You should be flattered, bestie!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, girl!

You can always count on me to keep you
(somewhat) sane and give you invaluable
advice on anything and everything!
Happy birthday, girl!

Your birthday is a time to let loose and party,
so just like most other days for you really! 🥳
Out of all the friends
You truly are the best
A dear BFF who is
Better than all the rest!

Happy birthday, bestie!

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