Birthday Wishes for Fiancé

Were found 91 happy birthday messages:

Congratulations to the parents on
completing a second glorious year
of parenthood!

You are doing such a wonderful job,
raising your little bundle of joy the very
best way possible. You certainly set a
high benchmark for all aspiring parents!

Wishing a very happy birthday to your
little one, and sending my love and best
wishes to you all!
Today I am wishing a very happy
birthday to the most important
man in my life: my dear boyfriend.

You’re always on my mind and
in my heart, and no matter how
far apart from each other we may be,
you’re the most special person to me.

You deserve a fantastic day, so enjoy it!
Happy birthday, my love!
16 years ago today the most fabulous little girl was born: you!

That makes today your sweet sixteenth, a very special birthday indeed!

I wish only amazing things for you on your birthday: happiness, laughter, love and everlasting friendships. You are a beacon of joy to all those around you, so it’s only right that today it’s reciprocated to you!

Happy birthday, sweetie! Sending you all my love on your special day!
Wishing the happiest birthday possible
to my cute, clever granddaughter!

You are such a smart young girl and I
have no doubt that you are going places
in the years to come! You have such a
bright future ahead!

May this year ahead be the best yet for
you, my dear! Sending all my love on your
special day, your loving grandma.
Happy birthday, little man!

You are without a doubt the
most adorable baby boy I
have ever met and I wish you
but happiness, love and laughter
in life, each and every day!

Sending you all my love on
your birthday!
Our marriage has taken another
glorious trip around the sun!

Happy wedding anniversary, my love!
It feels like only yesterday that we met but
the years keep adding up, my dear!

Thank you for so many magnificent years
of love and friendship, I honestly can’t
picture anybody better to have taken this
journey through life with!

You are perfect in every way imaginable!

Happy wedding anniversary, my love, and
here’s to many more happy years together!
Happy birthday, my dear.

We are apart,
but only in person
for you’re always in
my heart wherever I go.

I can’t wait until this
distance is a thing of
the past, and we can
finally start to plan
our future together.

But until then I’ll be
patient, because I know
that it’ll be worth it when
we see each other again.

With all my love
on your special day!
For my dear boyfriend on your birthday
this year, I was going to wish for all of
your dreams to come true.

But, then I realized that they already
had come true the moment you met me!

Happy birthday, my gorgeous man!

Sending you all of my love on your
special day!
With each passing year
Our friendship only grows
Stronger and stronger
Through the highs and the lows

My love for you goes
Beyond that of any other friend
To me you’ll always be
That one special friend, my godsend
My gorgeous man is getting older and
older! Gradually turning grey and ever
closer to becoming a handsome silver fox!

Happy birthday, my love!
You appear more and more handsome
with age, my love! But then again, my
eyesight is also getting worse with age!

Happy birthday!
You fill me with love
You fill me with laughter
I don’t know where I’d be
Without my dear granddaughter!

All my love on your special day!
On your special day, I wanted to
tell you just how much you mean
to me, in a way that you’ll be able
to understand and relate to.

So I thought long and hard, and
decided that I love you even more
than you love football, and that’s
saying something! I long for the
day when you give me as much
attention as you do when you’re
watching a football match!

Have a very happy birthday today,
my love!
For once I actually remembered our wedding anniversary, my love!

Sending you all my love on our special day!