Happy Birthday Wishes for a Classmate

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On your very special day, I want you to know that you’re so much more than just another classmate. You’re a sweet girl with a kind heart, and I feel very fortunate that I’m able to call you a friend.

I hope you have a fabulous birthday and achieve everything your heart desires over the coming year.
You’re more than just a classmate
I always look forward to class with you
Pretty, perfect, and particularly wonderful are just a few words I would use to describe you, my dearest classmate. I’m wishing you a lovely birthday today.
A classmate unlike any other
May your wisdom spread far, girl
I want to be the first to wish you a happy
birthday today, my fab classmate!

I hope you have a marvellous day full of
celebration and joy, at least as much as
you bring to the classroom.
School gave me my best friend
A sweet birthday for a sweet friend
Happy birthday to a classmate like no other!

High school wouldn’t be the same without you as our classes together are a highlight of my week.

Your support and encouragement are appreciated by all, and you are simply a joy to be around. 
Happy birthday to you, the
coolest classmate there is!

You’re funny, a trendsetter, and
everybody wants to be your friend.
You really are the life of the school.

Without you, high school would
be nowhere near as cool.
One of the smartest girls I know
I always look forward to our classes together
Your birthday is a great opportunity
for me to tell you just how much I
enjoy our classes together.

You really are a fab classmate.
Enjoy your day!
I hope you have a fabulous birthday
today, fellow classmate.

I want to wish you well and say good
luck for the year to come; I hope you
get outstanding results in all of your
exams. You deserve all the success
that comes your way.
On your special day today, I want
to thank you for being such a kind
and supportive classmate.

High school would be much more
difficult without an inspirational
person like you by my side.

May you have a truly fantastic
birthday today.
Happy birthday to you today. Being a part of the same class as you is a real privilege, as you are a classmate who’s always a pleasure to be around.

May this year bring you many great achievements and lots of success.
A wonderful classmate and special friend like you truly is one of the greatest gifts. I hope you receive a gift that’s just as spectacular on your special day today.

I’m wishing the happiest of birthdays to you, my dear.
You’re so much more than just a classmate
to me; you’re a dear friend and the best
support system I could wish for.

Happy birthday to you. I’m sending my
very best wishes to you on your special
day today.
Happy birthday to a classmate so great!

Everyone should have a friend that’s as awesome as you are! I know that I can always count on you, bestie!
Happy birthday!

As your fellow classmate, I understand
the challenges of high school.

Luckily for you, you’ve got a great
friend like me to help you through it.
I just want to tell you, on your
special day, that you are such
an inspiring girl. You make me
want to do better and achieve
wonderful things like you do.

I’m sending my very best
wishes to you today.
Happy birthday to one of the funniest and most entertaining people I know! I hope you have an awesome birthday this year!

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