Birthday Wishes for Cats

37 happy birthday wishes found:

Today’s a special day for a certain kitty cat, who turns yet another year older and wiser! I promise to shower you with treats and attention, my furry little friend!
Happy birthday, crazy cat
A cat’s life is totally carefree
Happy birthday to my sweet kitten!

It must be wonderful to have a cat’s life! Lazing around all day long, receiving unlimited belly scratches, and getting all the attention you demand. It’s almost like it’s your birthday each and every day!
The cutest companion and furriest friend
Happy birthday, kitty!

Cat lover or not, it’s impossible
not to be won over by those cute
cat eyes and adorable meows!
Happy birthday to the world’s cutest cat!

I wish I could tell you just how much love and affection I have for you, but I’m hoping that you already know it.

I’m wishing for only the sweetest things in life to bless you today, my dear kitty!
One more year of happiness spent with
my feline friend! Happy birthday to the
cutest, cuddliest cat in existence!
Happy birthday to my pretty purring princess! Out of all the cats in the world you have got to be the cutest and most adorable of them all!
Wishing a happy birthday to a tiny, fluffy member of the family who definitely thinks they’re the boss! I am of course talking about my cat!

I hope I can make your birthday special for you, my cute little companion!
Today is the birthday of my darling cat! Happy birthday, my lovely!

I find it so endearing when you try and communicate with me, kitty. Be it meowing at me, rubbing up against my legs or just your little head-bumps, it fills my heart with warmth each and every time.

Thank you for filling my life with so much happiness!
If I had nine lives too, I’d want to spend each of them with you!

Happy birthday, my lovely kitty cat!
Happy birthday to this little troublemaker!

You are without a doubt the cutest kitty on the face of the earth!
A special little kitty is celebrating another birthday today!

I hope that it’s a purrfect one!
Happy birthday to my snuggle buddy!

When you curl up into a ball and fall asleep on my lap my heart completely melts from the cuteness! I know you feel safe and content there, and it makes me happy to see you sleeping so peacefully.

You are so much more than a pet, you are more like a child of my own! Loving you always, my cutie!
Happy birthday to my little furbaby!

You get more attention from me than any of my other friends do and I’m going to spoil you even more than usual today on your birthday!

I hope you have the best day, my adorable bundle of fur!
Happy birthday to my furry friend!

I hope to show you as much love
today on your birthday as you show
me every day, adorable one!

I’m so lucky to have a little pal that
never fails in warming my heart and
brightening my day!
Today I am celebrating the birthday of my adorable little furball!

You are the sweetest, most loving kitty and it is always a treat to come home to you!

I hope you enjoy your special day, being spoilt with an extra special bowl of catnip!