Birthday Wishes to a Senior

72 happy birthday wishes found:

For a very special lady, I’m wishing the most special of birthdays today.

I hope you have a truly fabulous day today and may love, laughter, and happiness follow you as you prepare to begin another new year of your life.
Here's to many fabulous years ahead, mam
Wishing you many more adventures
I’m wishing the very happiest of birthdays
to you today, mam.

Over the years you have built wisdom
upon wisdom to become the astounding
lady that you are today. There are few
women who are as inspirational as you.
A wonderful woman so full of wisdom
You become a bigger inspiration each year
May you have the happiest birthday possible today and, as you near ever closer to finishing your studies, I’m wishing you all the success you deserve for the future.
Yet another great milestone in your life
Wishes with gratitude for a wise woman
The more mature you get, the more
magnificent you become.

We all know that age is just a number
but in your case, it is so much more
than that. It represents all the years
before you that have accumulated
to create the wonderful woman that
you are today.

You truly are an inspiration and a
masterpiece; the most spectacular
senior, mam. I’m wishing the very
happiest birthday to you today.
I’m wishing you a very happy birthday today, my friend. Wherever life takes you following your final year of studies, I hope that you will always be happy.
You just get better with age
Your wise words and the many life lessons you’ve taught me will stay with me forever. I am truly grateful to have such a wise woman like yourself in my life.

May you have a tremendous day today. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday and many
congratulations on another
fabulous year, mam!

Each year that you gain
only enriches your already
wonderful personality and
simply adds to the remarkable
person that you are.

Here’s to many more great
years of you. Cheers!
It really is a pleasure to be wishing
such a remarkable and lovely lady
a happy birthday today. You truly
are a gem of your generation.

I hope this year to come proves to
be one of the best of your life.
Many happy returns to you on your special
day today, mam. It is such a joy to be
welcoming another year in your life.

You have many great years behind you,
but now you are truly in your prime. I hope
you enjoy these golden years.
I’m wishing you the best birthday possible today as I hold only the greatest respect for you, mam. You're a strong woman who strives for the best in everything you do.

May you enjoy your special day and many more glorious years to come.
Happy birthday to you, my dear.
I have a good feeling for you that
this is going to be your year.

May the months that follow be filled
with happiness and see that you
reach all of your goals.
Happy birthday to you. You are a lady so full of wisdom and I just want you to know, on your special day, that I have learned so much from you.

May you have a very enjoyable day today being celebrated for the wonderful person that you are.
I’m wishing you a very happy birthday
indeed today, mam.

Your beauty doesn’t diminish with age, you
only seem to blossom as the years pass by.

Here’s to many more beautiful and joy-
filled years to come.
Happy birthday to you, mam. As the years pass by, my respect and admiration for you only increases.

May you have a truly fabulous day.
Happy birthday, mam. Don’t view another birthday as simply becoming another year older, see it as one more year that has been added to your wisdom.

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