Best Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes for Principal

Dearest principal, today I want to wish you a very happy birthday indeed.

I also want to express my gratitude for how much I appreciate all of your hard work and commitment to keeping this school running at the high level that it does. You truly are the glue that holds everything together!

I hope you enjoy a well deserved, relaxing birthday surrounded by your nearest and dearest this year!
Happy birthday to a jolly good fellow:
our school principal!

The mark you have already made on
our school is simply huge! I couldn’t
imagine it around here without you
overseeing everything.

You are a great leader and a great
person, and I wish you only
happiness on your special day!
Happy birthday to our principal
who has this school running like
a well-oiled machine!

Thank you for your dedication
and strong efforts!
Happy birthday, mam!

To have a school principal as lovely and as wonderful as you are truly is a blessing for each and every one of the students here.

I’m sending you the best birthday wishes for the most delightful day!
On your birthday this year, principal, not only do I want to wish you a very happy birthday, but I also want to recognise all of your wonderful achievements to date!

You have done such great things for this school and I hope you are able to take a moment to reflect upon them on your special day!

Happy birthday and wishing you the best!
Happy birthday to the best school principal from all of your adoring students!

We’re sending warm wishes and hoping that you have the most wonderful day!
Happy birthday to a truly great principal.

The lessons I have learned whilst studying at your school have ingrained deep within me and will always remain firmly in my heart.

Thank you for the wonderful work that you do to keep this school running so smoothly.
Happy birthday, dearest principal!

Overseeing and running a whole school
can’t be an easy task, but you make it
appear so effortless, principal!

You’re always composed and never
seem to be stressed, even with the
huge responsibilities you carry around
on your shoulders!

Today I am wishing you a joyous birthday,
and hoping that it is a tranquil one for you!
Happy birthday to a principal who cares!

It is so obvious from your passion and
your drive that you only want the very
best for your students!

Well, on your birthday this year, I wish
only the very best for you!

Have a remarkable day, principal!
Happy birthday, principal!

You are more than worthy of the most
spectacular birthday celebrations today
as you head our school so wonderfully.
Happy birthday, principal!

You are the most prominent and
most crucial part of this school!

Without your influence, this school
would not be the prestigious and
high performing institute that it is!

Many thanks for all your efforts
over the years!
It brings me great joy to be wishing you
a happy birthday today, mam.

I just wanted to let you know how much
admiration I have for the way in which you
keep everything running and the fantastic
job that you do day in and day out.

This school is in very safe hands with
you as the principal.
Happy birthday to a superb principal!

Your engaging pep talks during assembly get everyone excited about school!
Happy birthday, mam. Having you as my principal makes me proud to attend this school. Thank you for all that you do here.
Happy birthday to you today, sir.

I hope your special day is a welcome break,
as you do such a wonderful job of keeping
this school in fine shape.

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