Happy Birthday Papa

40 happy birthday wishes found:

My dear papa, there has never been a better time to tell you how grateful I am for you! I’m sending my best wishes to you on your birthday today!
From one lucky daughter to her incredible dad
The best dad deserves the best wishes
Happy birthday to you today, papa!

May the candles on your cake sparkle as brightly as you do in my heart!
I have a lot to thank you for, papa, and what better time to do so than on your special day!

Happy birthday to you! 
Happy birthday to you, papa.

I hope that, as you blow out the
candles on your birthday cake this
year, all of your wishes come true.
It’s the least you deserve.

I am so grateful for you and
everything that you do.
Happy birthday to a papa who is truly
one of a kind! You are the most caring
and supportive father out there!
Happy birthday to you today, pa!

You are a good man, an incredible parent and the greatest gift I have ever received.

I feel very lucky and very privileged to have had such a wonderful father growing up and, on your special day, I just want you to know how truly grateful I am for you.

Here’s to you today!
Happy birthday, pappy! I’m sending all the love in my heart your way today on your very special day!
My best memories growing up all feature you. Happy birthday to you today and thank you for being the incredible father that you are, papa!
Happy birthday to the world’s best papa!

You’ve never let me down, not once. You’ve consistently been there for me when I’ve needed you most, and instinctively sensed when to give me space.

You’ll always be a very special man to me.
Happy birthday to the greatest man
ever to exist: my dear papa!

I hope that all of your birthday wishes
this year come true, as you deserve
the world for all that you do!

Lots of love from your baby girl!
Happy birthday from your favourite child, papa! May your special day today fill you with an abundance of love and happiness!
Happy birthday to you, papa!

I’m hoping that as you blow out all
of the candles on your cake today,
all of your wishes come true for you!
Happy birthday to you today with all my love, my dearest papa. You gave me so many years of happiness and your memories will live on forever.

You will always be with me as I carry you around everywhere, deep in my heart.
Happy birthday, papa! I hope your special day today warms your heart as much as you’ve warmed mine over the years!
When I was just a little kid, you used
to be like a superhero to me and I
would look up to you with nothing
but the utmost admiration.

Some years may have passed since
then but the same fact remains; I still
think the absolute world of you!

I’m wishing the happiest birthday to
you today, my dear papa!

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