Happy Birthday to an Old Man

30 happy birthday wishes found:

Another year older my wise, old friend! Happy birthday!

Remember, you’re never too old to throw an incredible and unforgettable party! 
Old guys rule and you’re a perfect example
of that! You don’t let age get you down,
you just take it in your stride!

Happy birthday to you!
At this age you should be beginning
to slow down, taking a more relaxed
approach to life.

Or else, you’ll probably end up
breaking a hip or something!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, old man!

Enjoy eating your birthday cake with all of your own teeth while you still have them!
Happy birthday!

I wanted to crack a joke about how old you are, but in truth, the fact that you’re still going at this age is cause for celebration! 
Getting older isn’t all bad, buddy!

Sure, your hair’s going to go gray and those dashing good looks you’re used to will start to fade, but just think of all the perks and discounts that await you as a senior citizen!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to a man who’s so old his joints creak as he moves! It’s all part of old-age, my friend!
Many happy returns!

Turning another year older is never
easy for anyone of any age, but
especially so at yours! Just try not
to think about it too much!

I hope you enjoy your birthday today
and however many years remain!
I’m betting that when you woke up this
morning you were already feeling the
impact of an extra year…

Well, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you
that it’s certainly not going to get any
easier from here!

Happy birthday, old man!
Happy birthday to someone who’s
getting on a bit now! 

I know it might feel like age is against
you as the years are really stacking up,
but really what’s one more year at your
age? By now they must all just blend
into one anyway!
As you get closer and closer to old-age, you’ll realize that having a senior moment will start to become a regular occurrence!

Happy birthday, old-timer!
Happy birthday to you!

Many of the best things in life get
better with age, and you’re certainly
no exception to that!

I’m sending my very best wishes to
you today as you turn yet another
year older, my man! 
Happy birthday to a man who, as he grows older, only becomes a greater source of wisdom and inspiration in my life! Sending my best wishes to you today!
You’re a great friend of mine and seeing
as age clearly hasn’t been very kind to
you, I’ll show you some kindness and I
won’t add to it by giving you a hard time
about getting older!

Enjoy your special day and here’s to
many more to come!
A word to the wise, make the most of smiling now while you still have all of your own teeth!

Happy birthday to you, old man!

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