Christian Birthday Wishes

79 happy birthday wishes found:

To the man who always gave us everything without ever asking for anything in return, I want to wish the greatest of days.

May God be with you during every minute of each day that you walk this earth.

Have the happiest birthday!
Many happy returns. May God bless you with a truly beautiful birthday this year, one that warms your soul with memories you’ll forever hold dear.
Many happy returns. May God’s voice
speak to you and may his care comfort
you through each and every day of this
new year in your life.
Dearest pastor, from all of us here
at the church we would like to wish
you the happiest birthday today and
express our sincere gratitude for all
that you do!

May God continue to bless you for
many more years to come!
May God continue to bless you and allow
you to carry out the important work you
do down here on earth.

I’m wishing you a heavenly birthday, Father.