Birthday Wishes for Children

Were found 29 happy birthday messages:

May the candles on your cake be bright
and may your future be even brighter!

I’m wishing you a very happy birthday
today, my little sweetheart!
Happy birthday, my dear!

Treasure these years of being a kid while
they last! Before you know it you’ll be all
grown up and old just like me!
My darling child, if every kid was as
sweet and kind as you are the world
would be a much more beautiful place!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to your sweet kid!

You must be so proud to have brought up a child who’s a ray of sunshine in anybody’s life!
Today, I am wishing the sweetest child the happiest and sweetest birthday possible!

You have a kind and beautiful soul and a heart made of gold. I hope you continue to grow into the lovely person you are so naturally becoming!
Happy birthday to a super special child!

Today is an especially important occasion as it’s your big day! It’s all about you today and we’re going to have so much fun!

I’m sending you lots of big birthday hugs and kisses today, my dear!
Happy birthday, kid!

Today's a very special day as it marks
the anniversary of when you entered
the world!

Since then, you have been blessing
lots of people’s lives and filling many
hearts with love! May you continue to
spread your joy, my dear!
Every child is special in their own way, and you are definitely special in yours, my dear!

Even at the young age that you are, you're so caring and loving, which is a truly beautiful thing to witness. I have no doubt that you’ll remain this sweet and kind throughout your entire life!

I’m wishing you a delightful birthday!
Happy birthday to the brightest
shining star! You are such a
smart kid with a really bright
future ahead of you.

I wish the best for you, always!
Today is a very special day indeed for
it’s your birthday, my dear!

It’s the day you’ve been waiting all year
to arrive, and it finally has!

Happy birthday to you! I hope that it’s as
special as you had hoped it would be!
Happy birthday to a child who has brought so much happiness into our lives!

You truly are a beacon of light and hope in this world!
There is nothing purer and more
endearing than the laughter and
happiness of a child and so today,
on your very special day, I am
hoping that you get to experience
lots of both!

May you have the most magnificent
birthday today, kiddo!
The world is full of sweet princes and
beautiful princesses, but none of them
compare to you, my dear!

You will always reign in the kingdom
of my heart, for there is nobody more
special to me than you!

Wishing you the happiest birthday!
Not all children are created equal! God truly unveiled one of his most magnificent masterpieces to date when he presented you to the world!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday today and are blessed with many lovely moments, my dear!
Happy birthday to a little superhero!

I hope you have an awesome day
today full of fun and adventure!