Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Were found 31 happy birthday messages:

To my dear husband on our wedding anniversary, I just want to tell you how important you are to me.

You are the most supportive, most caring man I know and I couldn’t love you any more than I do! Thank you for everything that you are, and for everything that you do. You are truly magnificent!

Happy anniversary, my dear, and here’s to many more blissful years together!
Happy wedding anniversary to
the happiest couple I know:
my mother and father!

I am truly blessed to have parents
that are still so in love, even after
all these years! 

I wish you many more glorious
years of making each other happy!
Happy wedding anniversary to
the happy couple!

Anniversaries exist to recognize
and celebrate a special and
significant date from the past,
and your wedding was certainly
something special that gives
cause for celebration!

I hope that you both enjoy today,
appreciating each other and
reliving the sublime moments
from your beautiful wedding day!

All my love and very best wishes
to you both!
Happy wedding anniversary, my dear!

Ever since I met you my life has been
infinitely better. My days are brighter
and since we became husband and wife
I wake up each day with the biggest
smile on my face, fully content and filled
with so much happiness.

I can’t remember life before you but
I certainly couldn’t imagine a life
without you.

Thank you for constantly making me
happy! Here’s to many more incredible
years together!
Another year has passed which means we
can add another perfect year of marriage
to our collection. We have made some
incredible memories over the years, and
this year was no different.

Thank you for being my adventure buddy,
my lover, and my best friend. I love you
with all my heart, now and forever.

Happy wedding anniversary, my darling!
Happy wedding anniversary to my one
and only! Another year together spent
in perfect harmony, my darling.

I know I tell you each and every day,
but today I want you to know just how
incredibly in love with you I am.

In fact, I have loved you since we first
met and I will love you until the end of
time. I knew you were the one when I
first set eyes on you.

You are my world and you make
everything better, brighter, and more
enjoyable. Life with you is simply
perfect, the best it could be.

Thank you for making my life complete
and giving me everlasting happiness, my
dear. All my love to you on our special day.
Today I am celebrating the anniversary of
yet another year of truly blissful, happy
marriage with my magnificent other half!

I am so blessed to have found my
ultimate companion in life, my best friend
and my soulmate.

Each day I thank my lucky stars, for I know
how lucky I am to have found my special
someone and each passing year on this
date just reinforces how fortunate I am.

I’m feeling very full of love today!

Happy wedding anniversary to us and
here's to many more happy years!
Happy wedding anniversary, dear! Another
happy year has come and gone, leaving us
with even more happy memories, my love!

Thank you for continuing to be by my side,
come rain or shine. You are my everything!

Here’s to us today, and to many more
happy years ahead together!
Wishing a very happy wedding anniversary to the better half of me: my darling wife!

Love you loads, dear!
Today is your wedding anniversary, and
if this doesn’t call for a big celebration
then I don’t know what does!

Over the years you have made each
other so incredibly happy and I truly
believe that your patience, thoughtfulness
and understanding are the perfect recipe
for a happy marriage!

Many congratulations on yet another
glorious year of marriage!

Let the celebrations commence!
Happy wedding anniversary!

May you always love each other dearly,
and never tire of each other’s company!
Today marks one more year of
incredible life experiences and
happy memories for us.

I love being married to you, and
our eternal love for each other has
been proven so far by our many
happy years of marriage.

Happy wedding anniversary, my love!
Happy wedding anniversary
to my partner in crime!

Love you millions!
Wishing a very happy wedding anniversary
to the happiest couple ever!

You two are such a wonderful example of
what marriage is all about. Honestly, the
love and appreciation you have for each
other is truly beautiful.

I don’t know any other couple that are
as kind, caring and considerate of one
another than you two - it’s so endearing
to see!

Enjoy your special day and each other!
Our marriage has taken another
glorious trip around the sun!

Happy wedding anniversary, my love!