Happy Birthday, My Love

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The most important person in my life
is celebrating their birthday today, and
I just want to show my love for them
with a special birthday message!

Happy birthday to you today, my
sweetheart! I’m sending all my love
your way!
Sending you all my kisses, my love
Sweet, touching wishes for my lover
Happy birthday!

May this day of all days be extra special for you, my love!
Missing you on your birthday, my love
My love burns bright for you
Happy birthday, my love!

I’m floating sweet wishes your way on this truly fabulous day!
Sending all my love and kisses to you
I hope all of your dreams come true, my love
Your birthday is not only special for you, as since we’re celebrating you it’s special for me too!

Happy birthday, my love!
Happy birthday to the most special
person in my life!

There is no love more beautiful or
more meaningful than that I have
for you and that will always be the
case, it’ll always be true.

May you have a sweet birthday
today, my dear.
Heart-touching wishes for a husband far away
Preparing for your special day, my love
I count my lucky stars often but especially
so on a special day like today. I am so
thankful that you were born, my sweet
boyfriend. And while today might be a
celebration of the day you were born,
each and every day is a celebration
of the wonderful person that you are.

Here’s to you and all of the happiness
that you spread. Happy birthday to you
with all my love.
Carry my love with you always, boyfriend
Our love is precious and unique
My love, on your special day this year, I’m wishing for all of your dreams to come true. After all, that’s the very least that a girl as sweet as you deserves. Happy birthday to you.
Our love story is cute 
And so very unique
It’s my absolute favorite 
One of all.
And as we continue 
On our journey
Know that I’m in it 
For the long haul!

I’m sending sweet 
Birthday wishes to you
Today with all my love, 
My sweetheart!
I can’t believe you’re 13 already! You’re growing up so quickly, my sweet teen!

On this very special birthday of yours, I want to wish you a lifetime of happiness and an endless supply of love!

You deserve a life filled with joy and many great moments, and I hope you achieve everything you have always dreamed of!

All my love and a very happy 13th birthday to you, my dear!
A unique boyfriend like you deserves a
unique birthday wish!

So my love letter to you, on your birthday
this year, is to tell you that to me, you are
so incredibly dear. You are cute, sweet,
and the one who warms my heart.

Happy birthday, handsome.
I miss you dearly and especially so on
your special day but distance only
makes the heart grow fonder, my love!

Happy birthday, my sweet hubby!
Wishing the very happiest birthday to a playful little boy!

Your desire for adventure puts the biggest smile on my face! I hope you never grow up and always stay the sweet little boy that you are!

All my love to you on your special day!
One of the best feelings in life is finding that special someone with whom you can be yourself and for whom your little quirks and traits are what makes you unique.

You are my special someone. You are someone with whom I can let my guard down and just relax because I know you love me no matter what.

Have a great birthday, my love!
I’m wishing you the happiest birthday
possible today, my special little girl!

You are so sweet-natured and you have
the kindest heart, and they are just part
of what makes you the beautiful person
that you are. I couldn’t be more blessed
to be the godmother of such a wonderful
human being.

Sending all my love to you today, my dear!
Happy birthday to the one I love! There aren’t many men in the world as sweet and as sentimental as you, my love. I’m very lucky to have such a caring and kind-hearted man in my life.

Enjoy your special day, sweetheart. You deserve it.

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